WoW: Aegis of Preservation

Unfortunately I played the beta of World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s first MMO. When the full version was released in 2005 I immediately bought it, and then wasted a year of my life, but at least I got to experience how it was to be a hardcore MMO player, so I won’t end up there later in life.

First I played a Shaman, but then we were going to switch server to where my brother and cousin played, so I decided to go a healing focused class, and rolled a Troll Priest. It was awesome, the best multiplayer experience I’ve had. It was gratifying to be the person that kept others alive, someone people could trust would fill up their green bar, you felt appreciated (maybe because then they didn’t have to heal themselves!).

It kept being fun, until I reached level 60 (max at the time) and started to grind for gear. It took me a while to figure out, or rather accept, that being a WoW healer in endgame was nothing I could stand to do forever, especially as I personally thought there was an imbalance in _FUN_ between melee – caster, damage – healing, anything else – cloth in areas such as items, stats, feedback, grinding, pvp, quests, anything. Being a casting healer in cloth, and a Troll at that, it took some heart to not get demoralized.

After six months of grinding endgame 40-player raid instances, after acquiring full tier 1 & 2 armor, Benediction, etc, I quit. One of my best decisions in life.

This video depicts one of the worst items in the game, it’s practically worthless, but it’s an epic class-specific (priest) drop in an endgame instance. The [Aegis of Preservation]. You equip it, and when you activate it you get healed for 35 damage for every hit you take. Seeing as you take more damage than that quite early in the game, and in endgame (at that time) you could easily get hit for 500-2000 by dungeon mobs… yeah, you get the point.

In the video, I battle the mobs the trinket was designed to save you from, a pretty pointless video, but at least that matches the item.


I’ll try to post more interesting videos in the future, and well, WoW doesn’t do too well with the video quality YouTube delivers.

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