Impossible Figure: 2007-02-10

I’m posting these fairly frequently now because I want to get them off my chest, so I can focus on new ones. You might have noticed the grid in the background of the pictures by now. It’s actually a recent addition I included while converting all the figures from Flash to Illustrator. I noticed (way too late) that Flash is not at all accurate when you import very precise drawings, it was though, the vector application I knew best when I started making these. Now I have them all converted, which is one reason why I started this blog, to have somewhere to put them in a more relaxed manner. Before I had a privately developed site only for my impossible figures, but I found that I was unable to focus on the art when using it, as I would never stop thinking about improvements for the site when just posting new entries. Now, with Word Press, I’m leaving the development to others.


Linework | Fillwork

This is an infinite staircase which means you will continue to always walk either up or down. In addition you will also change in size.

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