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Update: The foldable IKEA bike I mention here is not the one IKEA now sells in their stores. As I say below it was a gift to the UK IKEA employees. The bike available for purchase is most likely of higher quality, at least that was my impression when I saw it myself.

As my really old bike was, well, really old, I got a new one off of eBay about a year ago. A folding bike IKEA gave its employees in the UK for free, as a Christmas gift. It has been quite fun to ride, but the gears are so close to the ground that they collect dirt really easy. This has caused the arm that stretches the chain so it wont skip over the sprockets to stop working, making it hard to switch gears or use any power to battle uphills, as the chain will just skip around on the gears. Really annoying.

This got me, yet again, to consider a new bike. When the back tire produced large bulbous bubbles ripping through its side… there was no question about it. I got the folding bike so cheap it would be fairly pointless to repair, I will give it to someone who likes fixing things instead.

At the beginning of this week it finally arrived, my Electra Stream Ride Rat Rod Cruiser! Thank you so much! In contrast to the folding bike it has a back pedaling breaking system, internal hub gears and a wicked design! \( ^___^ )/

I had to piece it together, but it was not too hard, and the gears were already calibrated, so it went fairly smoothly.

I have been riding it to work for a couple of days now, and after a few adjustments to the handlebar and saddle it rides like a dream. It sure is different to ride a bike that differs so much in weight, size and handling compared to my old one, but it’s a very welcome change. <3

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  1. This is the problem with a rear derailleur on a bike with 16″ or smaller tires.

    When I reviewed Kent’s 16 inch Ultralite 6 speed folding bike, I suggested that they go with internal gears and coaster brakes. To my surprise they listened. In fact, they created 2 models for me – a one speed and a 3 speed with the silent & smooth Shimano Nexus internal hub. The ride is very upright, making it comfortable & easy to be seen.

    The 22 lb. Kent Superlite 1 Speed:

    The 24 lb. Kent Superlite 3 Speed:

  2. The upright riding position is something I really enjoy. Being hunched up behind your handlebar makes me feel like a troll, and it makes it uncomfortable to look up ahead instead of at the ground in front of you. That is one reason why I got a cruiser after my IKEA bike.

    Those bikes look really nice though :) If I move somewhere where I have to store my bike in a tiny space again I will now consider a folding bike, with internal gears and coaster brakes of course, even if my previous experience has been a mixed kettle.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Nice write up on the Rat Rod! I just picked mine up yesterday and look forward to taking it out on the streets.

  4. I’m sure you will enjoy it! :D I ride mine to work and lunch every day. Only “problem” so far is that I think the gear cable has stretched a little, but it still works just fine, it just produces a clicking noise at the highest gear. Need to get around to check that out that someday.

    Oh, and of course, the gawk factor of other people when they see you on the bike is also quite fun. A bit unfamiliar for me, but I have gotten used to it now. Also, the first few times I wasn’t really sure what to reply except “Yepp!” when people I knew told me “That’s an awesome bike you have there!” when I was speeding by.

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