WoW: AoE in BRS, Priest + Mage

This is me and my cousin having a bit of fun trying out to duo parts of BRS. We had never done it before, so we were just experimenting, and it was probably after a day of end-game raiding.

I’ve remastered this video to fit YouTube’s 10min limit, and added a blown up view of the Healing-log at the bottom of the screen. In the original video you could actually read the text.

To keep him alive I used two trinkets and a whole lot of +healing gear to bump my heals, at the time I recored this, it was quite nice. Collecting gear was the point of end-game raiding, but I got reminded too often that I needed someone else to heal for my gear to be useful, I hardly had any benefit myself.


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2 Responses to WoW: AoE in BRS, Priest + Mage

  1. Joakim says:

    snart 4 år sedan men saknar dina heals fortfarnade ^^

  2. Haha, menar du att du inte träffat på någon skillad healer? :P Mitt fokus på burst-healing var väl inte helt normalt, men för mig roligaste sättet att spela på ;)

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