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Impossible Figure: 2007-06-30

This figure does not have a corresponding orthographically projected figure. It is basically an impossible tribar, but in actuality it is a spiral that goes into itself. If this was drawn without perspective, it would just look like an expanding … Continue reading

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Snowy Spring Street Panorama

This is two months old, but as I’ve started to post photos I could just as well post a few more things. I’ve had these different barriers of what to post. First I was just going for the illusions, as … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2007-06-25

Box 2007-06-25 Linework | Fillwork This box consists of three orthogonal frames. The frames differ in sizes but are still all attached to each other, notice how the points of intersection do not line up.

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Pictures of Flowers

A while ago the weather was a bit funky. Small areas of raining clouds moved over the town with intensive beams of sunlight in between, and while I was visiting my parents I took a few pictures of the flowers … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2007-06-22

Spiral3 2007-06-22 Linework | Fillwork This pyramid is actually a single flat spiral. Start and the top or bottom and make your way to the other end, notice how the ground is always horizontal.

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Impossible Figure: 2007-06-19

Ramp 2007-06-19 Linework | Fillwork Begin at the bottom left corner where the red line starts, then travel back and down the ramps and you will end up where you started. Both the line and you will have shrunk.

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Open letter to Hudson Soft

About a month ago I wrote up an email to Hudson Soft, makers of the Bomberman series of games, concerning their upcoming games for the Wii. A retail and WiiWare Bomberman title. As I haven’t gotten any reply, I’m posting … Continue reading

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Teen Meme

After seeing Teen Meme drawings on multiple blogs I frequent, I guess I can’t stay out of it. It was a good opportunity to use a pencil too, I really should draw more, but I have a hard time doing … Continue reading

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Baking Time-Lapse

It was my turn to make the handle the table at the morning break at work. The company supplies with bread, butter etc, but this means you have to get something extra fancy for Friday, preferably something you baked yourself. … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2007-06-15

Boards 2007-06-15 Linework | Fillwork At the top you can count three boards. At the bottom there are only two, and their widths differ from up top.

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