Baking Time-Lapse

It was my turn to make the handle the table at the morning break at work. The company supplies with bread, butter etc, but this means you have to get something extra fancy for Friday, preferably something you baked yourself.

Previous times I had either ordered at a bakery or baked only one thing myself. This time I baked everything myself, very gratifying, but time consuming! I spent about four hours on Tuesday and the same on Thursday baking large (about 3x normal size) buns and chocolate Swiss rolls / dream cakes (direct Swedish translation). I decided to make large buns since I figured some people might leave for work without eating any breakfast at home.

As baking is not my common activity I setup my compact camera to capture a time-lapse of the process. It’s a trivial event, but I think time-lapse footage in and of itself is a fascinating compression of reality. I decided to be a bit creative with the editing too.

2008-05-12 & 2008-05-1

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