Impossible Figure: 2008-07-31

I first drew this (with pencil and paper) late at night, before I turned off the light to try and get some sleep. I liked the look of it, but I myself deemed it un-impossible, in other words, possible. It wasn’t until I redrew it weeks later and studied it closer that I realized that it was indeed impossible, so here it is! It still takes a bit of work to wrap your head around it.


Linework | Fillwork

To see why this figure is impossible, compare the two different sides. If you follow both the top and bottom beams, you will notice that the ends will not match up.

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Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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2 Responses to Impossible Figure: 2008-07-31

  1. I are teh blind. Still can’t see the impossibility of it. Then again, it’s Friday!

  2. Do like this. Start at the far left, notice how the figure goes away from you at the top, and towards you at the bottom. Then the top comes back towards you and the bottom goes away instead. At this position you could put a vertical bar between the two corners. Now follow the structure like this and take note of where it would be possible to place a vertical bar, and see what happens at the other end, the far right. Sense the 3D! :P

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