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Enigmatic Observation

Before I started making impossible figures in three point perspective I drew them in parallel projection. What I’m posting here is my greatest figure from that category. I made a few sketches in 2004, the idea was to prepare for … Continue reading

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Morning Dew Webs

These pictures are from a month ago. I really need to post photos quicker, then again, I still have not posted anything from my summer vacation! I better get to that, soon… When I arrived at work in the morning … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2008-09-18

This figure was a lot more work than I had expected. All arcs except the center one was redrawn to compensate for the size differences generated. I used the average value for everything possible for both the arcs and the … Continue reading

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More Blood Loss

Even though I lost a fair amount of blood when cutting my fingers three weeks ago I went to donate blood today again. My second time. This time around it went so smooth that I feel like I could do … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2008-09-16

Cross 2008-09-16 Linework | Fillwork Tracing this symmetrical figure you will notice that you will keep travelling upwards or downwards depending on your direction.

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Loniek paints on his walls!

Yesterday I got a very interesting email from the user Loniek of He finds optical illusions and impossible figures interesting, and thus he has painted one of my figures as a perspective anamorphic image on a corner of his… … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2008-08-27

This one took way longer than I had expected. With two wheels at different angles I end up with way many perspective points, this time a total of 13 of them. I also managed to get caught by the perspective … Continue reading

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Right is good, left not so good.

Hurt fingers greets healthy fingers. Of course special situations awake ideas in my head. Hopefully my left index and long finger will feel better soon enough. Like, in six months.

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Impossible Figure: 2008-08-10

When thinking up this figure I had in mind a modern version of the circular pillars turning into a square U shape, here at Impossible World, just that now three more-than-square pillars turn into four pillars. I really enjoyed creating … Continue reading

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I Am Mug

At work we are supposed to have private mugs so the general ones can be used by guests. I used a blue Christmas mug at first, but now I have one which is truly mine… me! Surely nobody will mistake … Continue reading

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