More Blood Loss

Even though I lost a fair amount of blood when cutting my fingers three weeks ago I went to donate blood today again. My second time. This time around it went so smooth that I feel like I could do it every day! Except that I would be dried out pretty soon, eh.

I live right next to the central bus station in our town, so I just went down there, took the bus who went straight to the hospital. Arriving there I had to sit around a bit, as I was early, but then they let me in earlier than my original booking.

I’m still not very used to the puncturing of skin it requires to lose blood. I think I’m actually a bit worse at handling it since I cut my fingers. I guess that means my head is trying to tell me it does not to be cut or stabbed again!

They give you a gift as well as a drink and a sandwich every time you donate blood. This time I picked a black shirt with “Generous” on the chest. A nice thing is that they compensate you for your travelling expenses!

Both when walking to the bus station, first picture in this post, and while waiting for the bus to get back home I found the sun coming through the clouds and the wet ground to look very nice. So naturally I snapped a few pictures.

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