Enigmatic Observation

Before I started making impossible figures in three point perspective I drew them in parallel projection. What I’m posting here is my greatest figure from that category. I made a few sketches in 2004, the idea was to prepare for a Photoshop project where I would create a piece that would look like a real Halo level, but I never got around to that part of the concept.

In 2006 Stuntmutt, the writer and artist of One One Se7en (now only updating sporadically), was getting married and as I’ve had lots of good times using his versions of the Halo characters and cooperating with him in person, I decided to dedicate this to him, his art and his new family.

While the happy couple enjoyed their honeymoon a few of the (Halo) community people had made guest strips which got posted during the absence of the original author; and this illusion was created to complement my guest strip (left).

Originally you had to figure out that there was more to it if you clicked the blinking crystal (2552 Sep 7 and the next)… I’m not sure how many who actually found it, or even understood the comic. Today I present the larger art directly for easy access.

As I usually do not create pieces with this amount of details, I was a bit indecisive of how to present it online. I ended up creating my own flash viewer; which you can launch by clicking the image below or this link. Hover the question mark in the top left corner for controls.

The entire figure was drawn and colored in Flash. As there was a lot of work to do I used the application I felt the most comfortable with, and Flash has really intuitive drawing utilities, I think, it only lacks in accuracy and resolution as it’s not really made to create print art. The work in 2006 spanned from late March to mid May, and as I only did contract work around that time I could spend a big chunk of my time on this.

Back then I also created this file to see the creation process over time. Only step #1 and #2 are from 2004, the rest are from 2006. This file has not been displayed publically before and was planned to never be, so please feel a bit privileged when viewing it now!

And as nobody will probably figure out the secrets or interesting details, I will list what I can recall. I think there was something with the number of weapon spawns and MCs as well, but I can’t seem to make any sense out of that now.

  • You can see the original comic strip in the upper left corner of the artwork.
  • There are weapons present from Halo 1, 2 and 3, referenced from the comic.
  • There are flags from CTF, skulls from Oddball, a hill from KoTH and a bomb from Assault.
  • The grenade cache to the right is a reference to Sgt. Johnson’s immunity to the Flood.
  • Hidden text(s), but I won’t tell you where!

Lastly are a few screenshots from the levels I used as inspiration for the art direction. I grabbed the images from my own collection of Halo panoramas.

  • Hang ’em High, a favorite, also the initial project name was Dang ‘im Possible.
  • Prisoner, you might recognize the color on the floor and gangways.
  • Boarding Action, notice the level numbers.

Phew! This was way more information than I initially planned to write about this piece of art.

About Andreas Aronsson

Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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9 Responses to Enigmatic Observation

  1. diabeatu says:

    I found the secret text! But maybe its not an egg…

  2. Did you find all of them? :) Good job in any case!

  3. LICHI says:

    Hi, sir how’s it going. Just wanted to say I think your designs are very entertaining, and I was wondering if you have ever tried your “hand” at graffiti art. Changing your impossible designs into impossible letters might be a satisfying challenge. chow’

  4. I have seen impossible typesetting before, so I have not been very motivated to try it on my own. If I did, they would probably be in parallel projection as that works better when things are put next to each other. As for graffiti at all, to me it feels like most graffiti is curves and wild lines, whilst impossible figures mostly consist of straight lines and straight angles, as they are solid structures that are meant to look very rigid, at the same time as being impossible. I guess stylized versions of impossible figures might work, but that is not something I strive after :/ And as for challenges, making them in three point perspective is currently challenging enough :)

  5. SC_Wolf says:

    This reminds me of some of the 2.5 Dimensional maps from the Marathon series, the Bungie Studios games that were the spiritual ancestor to Halo. Because the level maps consisted of 2D polygons with height values, it was possible to have all sorts of ‘impossible geometry’ so long as overlapping polygons didn’t share a common edge.

    A good example would be the multiplayer map 5-D Space ( http://marathon.bungie.org/spoiler/m2/maps/41.gif ) from Marathon 2.

  6. Ross says:

    You should get someone to print it for you!

  7. Haha, you are teh funni. You know, I still have your print, I just lack a wall to put it on! Yes, I desperately need a bigger apartment, and I really don’t want to move… haha! What a dilemma.

  8. Blown-Upp says:

    Great work! vshields posted a link to your blog and I’m happy to see how far you’ve come with your work over the years :thumbs up:

  9. Haha! I was just added by him on Facebork, funny :P As for my works, I would just wish I did this stuff for a living, right now my job position has little t do with creative stuff, sadly! But thanks :)

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