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Art revision complete!

To get things ready for print services I have spent the last few weeks revising my impossible figure templates, scripts, and actions. This to convert them and all future art from CMYK to RGB and the aspect ratio to 4:3. … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2009-01-17

Entering 2009 via a link from Neatorama, leading to all kinds of links from other places, I found very nice responses to my art. One of them was by Kessler over at his blog; his comment motivated me to check … Continue reading

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Karate! Karate! Karate!

Today I did my first Karate session since 2003, that is six years ago! I have been hyper nervous for several days, but apparently I managed to survive. I did tear off some skin off of my left big toe, … Continue reading

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Blood Donation

This morning was my third time going to the Blood Centre to open up one of my veins, and my third time posting about it too. I know a few of my local friends find this thing with needles very … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2008-12-12

With one of the Belt figures I got a comment that it looks like my curves have the smoothing turned off by mistake. I keep the shading this way on purpose because I want the different surfaces to be really … Continue reading

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Christmas Masquerade Costume

A month ago, December 1-5, things were very hectic. The week before that I had been pondering what I should dress up as for a masquerade Christmas party at church. The theme was characters out of the Disney show that … Continue reading

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Can it get better than Goo?

Recently I finally downloaded World of Goo on my Wii, it had escaped me since this whole business with Christmas and New Year had kept me way busy. My older brother had bought it before me on his PC through … Continue reading

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