Karate! Karate! Karate!

Today I did my first Karate session since 2003, that is six years ago! I have been hyper nervous for several days, but apparently I managed to survive. I did tear off some skin off of my left big toe, got some sore ribs and reddened my knuckles. I will most likely continue this training, but I will see for how long I will last. Six years ago I did six months before I was worn out and went on with other things in life, like the university.

In addition to six year hiatus, it was this morning that I donated blood, and against all recommendations I participated in this Karate session anyway. I did consume a whole lot of iron pills before today so I would maximize my blood production between the drainage and the training. It probably did not do much difference, but at least I tried!

This is my left big toe and my knuckles. It is only the toe that is uncomfortable.

I need to get some more protective gear and some tape. Or rather, a lot of tape.

Other than just wearing out my body I also messed up a few things. I forgot to clean my feet before entering the dojo so I spread a lot of sock fluff around the floor without noticing it. While kicking I could feel my pants slowly traveling towards the floor, I retied them before that happened though. At one point late in the training session I actually lost my belt, it just fell down on the floor, I had not tightened it enough! It almost feels like you are naked without it.

Now I am headed for bed, if I can move my legs…

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