Impossible Figure: 2009-01-17

Entering 2009 via a link from Neatorama, leading to all kinds of links from other places, I found very nice responses to my art. One of them was by Kessler over at his blog; his comment motivated me to check out online printing services and what they required, so right now I am in the process of adjusting all my figures via a revised template.

The new template removed a few steps of my work process and also means I will be putting higher resolution images in the lossless PNG file format on the site. I will update older posts when I have finished updating all previous pieces.


Linework | Fillwork

The top part of this figure is not shaped like the bottom part, even though they are connected vertically.

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Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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3 Responses to Impossible Figure: 2009-01-17

  1. Miguel says:

    My background is pre-press, so maybe I can be of help. I can see why you favored CMYK; in the world of pre-press that is the way to go, however what you’re creating are actual prints, so an industry has sprouted up years ago that readily talks in the preferred language of RGB. Ever since inkjets took off, it’s understood that photographers and designers that want to create a print of their art, it’s perfectly fine to stick with the more generous RGB color space. Yes, if you were working on a textbook or magazine or newspaper, CMYK comes back into the picture, but thankfully your stuff can happily exist in the full glory of RGB.

    I thought you were intentionally using muted colors (and maybe you still are and I’m a fool!) but I see now that they could be coming from the smaller gamut of CMYK.

    As for actually creating prints… first off since you’re already using something nifty like wordpress, you can also use Gallery and it has a bunch of built-in plug-ins that let it easily interface with printing-services. I have no experience with those services but I know it exists. Secondly, you can try something like, where they let you create your own small gallery space within it and let folks order prints on all sorts of media like canvas, textured, glossy, etc., We used it at HBO for some of our contests where the prize was a giant poster. The price was right and we were happy with the results. Granted this was 3 years ago, there may be better options out there now, but at least it’s a start if you find such things interesting.

    If I can offer my own take on this… while prints would be nice, what I could *really* see as being cool are T-Shirts! Just have someone staring at my chest with his eyes going googly would be funny.

    Take care, hope I’ve been of some help!

    – M

    p.s. check out this page and near the end he talks about how even if all common sense says to stick with CMYK, RGB is still best for graphic arts.

  2. Miguel says:

    I just wrong a super-long comment here about pre-press and printing and all that… did it just vanish into the ether?? dammit!

  3. Good thing you left a notice! :) Your humongous comment was swiftly caught by the spam filter! Even though I have approved your previous comments, that is why your second comment showed up without me pulling any administrator strings. Luckily recently caught spam messages are left in a queue, so I could go look for it! Again, if you hadn’t posted a followup I would have missed it!

    About the muted colors, that is very much on purpose. I began by using really flashy colors, but I thought the figures looked more unreal that way. It is hard enough to convey any sense of realism with so few lines and abstract shapes as is! So I am quite happy with current looks, even though a few of the figures do get bright colors anyway.

    I have finished converting everything to RGB and will update my posts whenever I get the time. As for using Gallery… it would seem like an awful nice thing to have for people to browse things, right now it is a bit cumbersome to look through all the posts. I have written up specs for my own Word Press gallery plugin which would be semi-automatic, but I doubt I will get the time to actually make it. The second option would be to manually edit a page with the entire collection, question is if that is more or less work than maintaining both WP and Gallery. Guess I need to try the different options to make up my mind :)

    When it comes to printing services I have checked out and was looking at Deviant Art’s print shop. I figured I would order from the places that seemed good to see what people would get for their money. seems nice too, more reading to be done! :P

    As for T-Shirts, I hadn’t even considered that… actually, I hadn’t thought of prints before either, I had my hands full of just maintaining a somewhat steady flow of updates and everyday life. Shirts might work nicely if I remove the background. I have never liked the look of a square picture on a shirt, then it looks like you have used one of those sheets you print and iron on! But again, if I were to do this it is another service I would want to explore before deciding anything, I don’t want people to order things that turn out to be crap.

    Thanks for the vast amount of info :) now I have new thoughts and ideas swirling around in my mind! I’ll read that last link when I have had a good nights sleep, it was a huge chunk of text! Cheers :D

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