Skiing Trip 2008

I have been putting off posting this for… well, a year! I had planned to get this posted before this years skiing trip, but I ran out of time. I had to cut down the video from 30 minutes too, which is something I thought I had done, but apparently not! Which explains why I had not posted it.

Last year I bought my Ixus 75 camera right before leaving, so it was brand new when I brought it out into the wild. After the trip I decided I would put up this blog because I had snapped a bunch of pictures and recorded some video I wanted to share. Actually the very first post on this blog was from that trip, with a video of when I smashed my face! I never got around to posting the pictures, as I focused on just getting to know the software and tweak it till I was happy.

I had bought a really cheap video capable digital camera specifically for this trip so I could record clips in the slopes. Luckily the case that was included in the package was easily modifiable to be mountable on my body via a cargo strap!

The positions of the camera are: on my helmet, low on my ankle, high on my ankle, around my middle and backwards on my ankle.

I will try to get pictures and video up a bit sooner from this years trip!

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  1. CYBRFRK says:

    Did I miss the videos?

  2. There should be a flash video embedded just above this comment section. It’s a video hosted at Vimeo… do you surf with any flash blocker, ad blocker or otherwise specialized browser?

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