There goes privacy…

I did not plan to turn my blog into a political one, but lately politics has pushed its way into my head. I have followed a few political blogs, like HAX, about this law, IPRED, which today was voted into the Swedish book of laws. This law is also called the Pirate Hunter law, or the Private Police law, as it enables private organizations to hunt for file sharers.

As I have only read this off of blogs and various sites, I have not read the law itself, it might not be entirely correct but bear with me. If you know Swedish you could always check out also.

This law will let private organizations acquire the name and address etc. for the one who leased an IP at a certain point in time by turning in reasonable evidence to a court, a screenshot will probably be enough, so they can decide who downloaded what, or at least which broadband owner to blame. If the police want this information, the suspect has to risk a prison sentence…

After this they will be able to…

  • … send a threatening letter where they ask you to pay a huge pile of money to avoid being dragged into court. And they are allowed to request any amount of money they want, to frighten the receiver. (!)
  • … force you to pay for a newspaper ad saying who you are and what piracy crimes you got convicted for. (?!?)

I have also heard these points, but they might be scheduled for the next law revision, IPRED2, I am not really sure.

  • … freeze your assets, bank accounts and others. (!!)
  • … raid your home and seize your computer gear. (!!!)
  • … withhold the fact they have started an investigation on you for one month after it has begun. (???)

Today, a few minutes after they had approved the new law, I signed up for the Pirate Party, Piratpartiet in Swedish. This is my first time, ever, to be a member of a political party, too bad it had to be something this horrible that got me activated.

Right now I am fairly exhausted as my brain has been buzzing with a mountain of throughts the entire day, but at least I managed to get a small loopy video of one of the votings (150Y, 106N, 35X) up top before I head for bed!

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