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Neatorama Mystery Sale

Last week I finally got my Neatorama Mystery Sale items! I did not expect much, but I was very happily surprised to get two items (I had two orders) which put a great smile on my face! How nice of … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2009-03-01

This one took a whole lot of time, almost solely because of the intersections of the red and blue beams. In addition the details became a bit small because I run with fixed line widths over all my figures. I … Continue reading

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I spot something in my eye!

Today was filled with surprises, to say the least. The clock was close to 08:00 in the morning and I was biking to work, then something suddenly came into my vision with scary clarity. It looked very black and spiky, … Continue reading

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4.7GB Useless Awesomeness

In preparation for a top secret personal project, which is still many months away from completion due to many reasons, I have setup something really tasty on my machine.  For this project I needed a disk area with great random … Continue reading

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Winter Pictures

As we are now in springtime I took my time to pick out various photos from the last couple of winter months, basically from Christmas and onward. I should make these kind of unthemed photo collections a bit more often, … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2009-02-24

I am still keeping up with creating two a month. It is as tight as it can get now though, as can be noted I created this one the day before the last one was posted, so my margins are … Continue reading

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Trip to Gothenburg

This happened at the beginning of August last year, 2008, at the end of my vacation. We were a couple of friends who had talked about visiting Liseberg, a funfair located in Gothenburg, and some of us actually ended up … Continue reading

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