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Cheap Microphone Stand

While looking for a good mike to record my voice with for videos (still getting there) I bumped into a Youtube clip where a similar mike was mounted on a swimg-arm desktop light. Of course I had to do the … Continue reading

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Rubber Duck Race

This is a weird tradition of the local Lions Club to generate charity funds. I have never watched it before, only heard of it, but I took my time to accompany a few friends there to see the spectacle and … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2009-04-19

It is a little curious when the vanishing points end up within the image area, the grid lines form solid gray blobs as the line width is constant. It makes sense if you look at the full size image as … Continue reading

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Music Game Enhancements

A little more than a year go I decided to enhance the experience of music video games, they mostly being DDR and Guitar Hero, which I am really fond of. It all started when I randomly bought colored LED strips … Continue reading

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Modular Sofa Win

When I moved into my current apartment I decided to get a new sofa. When picking which sofa to get I looked at functionality first, then appeal, price and lastly comfortability; because that has to be tested at the store … Continue reading

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Wheat Buns for Work

This Wednesday I borrowed my parent’s kitchen yet again, to bake something for my work colleagues for today, the Friday coffee break; it was my turn to supply the goodies. Previously my specialty has been gigantic wheat buns, to everyone’s … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2009-03-16

I was a bit puzzled of how to finish this piece, as it was connected impossibly at so many points. The end process was quite straight forward, it was just hard to picture in my head, and I ended up … Continue reading

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When I installed the WP plugin Contact Form 7 on the 25th of March I did not expect to get any feedback through it very soon, but to my surprise I got a message five days later from Jossie of … Continue reading

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