Modular Sofa Win

When I moved into my current apartment I decided to get a new sofa. When picking which sofa to get I looked at functionality first, then appeal, price and lastly comfortability; because that has to be tested at the store and I wanted to narrow down my list before going there. Of course the sofa had to perform excellent in all fields to seal the deal.

When browsing the catalog I found my dream sofa from IKEA the moment I got my gaze upon it. A modular sofa that could be rearranged, expanded and moved easily, it had the perfect color to match my floor carpet and wall paint, it was fairly cheap and it was very comfortable when I finally sat in it. I got a three seat two part Tylösand sofa with covers in the Kungsvik sand color. In addition I got two Tylösand footstools to level up the comfortability factor.

The modular feature of the sofa not only makes it very fun setting up different scenarios, but it also makes it possible to quickly disassemble the entire thing into the base plate, metal railings and seat cushions making it very easy to bring along if you decide to move. In addition, even though the sofa is classed as a three seater, we can fit four people without any problems, and if we squeeze a little, even five people! And a parenthesis, the seat cushion covers can be removed and machine washed as well, or swapped to covers of a different color.

My recent spring cleaning had me compact the sofa as much as possible, as I used the floor to sort all kinds of stuff on. This got me thinking I should document just how fun it is with a modular sofa! So, lo and behold, below is a number of the different layouts which can be achieved in a small space like my apartment with this simple setup!

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4 Responses to Modular Sofa Win

  1. simon says:

    Wow! I’m sold on the Tylosand!

  2. Beware! I have problems with people entering my apartment and promptly falling asleep in the sofa, and people who want to bring it home with them when they leave… honestly.

    Sliding them around is super easy if you have a floor carpet, due to the curved steel pipes that it rests on, not so sure how it will treat plastic or wooden floors though.

    It is a perfect sofa for me :) I enjoy it greatly! Hopefully you will too if you get one :D

  3. trevor says:


    I am thinking of getting a TYLÖSAND sofa for my living room and I love what you have done! Amazing combinations. I was just wondering if you have noticed any sagging of the cushions? I have heard that this is sometimes a problem.


  4. Hello Trevor!

    As of yet the seats seem perfectly fine! And I’m quite amazed at that as I frequently step over the couch when it’s in the center of the room, something that I first thought would definitely damage it. Then again, I sit more in front of the computer than the TV so I’m not sure how my seats are compared to ones used constantly. In hindsight I would buy the same sofa again, I totally love it :) and will most likely get expansions for it if I ever move to a larger place.

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