Rubber Duck Race

This is a weird tradition of the local Lions Club to generate charity funds. I have never watched it before, only heard of it, but I took my time to accompany a few friends there to see the spectacle and of course snap a few pictures.

As the title says, it is a race between rubber ducks, 2000 rubber ducks to be precise. Duck certificates which grants you the prize if your numbered duck finishes amongst the seven first were 50 SEK each. I bought one but did not win, no surprise there! Prizes were as follows:

  • 1st prize: Travel checks for 20k SEK
  • 2nd prize: Travel checks for 10k SEK
  • 3rd – 7th prize: Travel or food checks for 2k SEK

Below is a selection of photos from the event:

And a video! At the event there was a human gyro which I just had to try. I have dreamed about riding one since reading about the hardware in some magazine, ages ago. I just had not gotten around to it, or bumped into one for that matter, but there it was! And I sure enjoyed it :)

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