What is that on the cover?

The 19th of November I got an exciting email through this blog. It was from a creative studio in London called Remote Location, they asked for permission to use one of my impossible figures as a base for a CD cover. Excited as always about things like this I hardly hesitated and quickly complied to their request!

I recently got my hands on the final product as I received a few copies in the mail just a few weeks ago. The production is called Elevator Music: Vol. 1 and it’s a various artists collection from a London club called Fabric. I can’t say that I’m very familiar with clubbing as an activity but I greatly enjoy electronic music. The genre of the music on this disc is called Dubstep and it kind of requires a phat bass to make it justice; you can listen to samples here :)

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Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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3 Responses to What is that on the cover?

  1. Blown-Upp says:

    Haha that’s really cool actually. I’m a fan of dubstep as well as the Fabric series so that’s pretty cool that they wanted to use YOUR image =]

  2. Yes I’m very happy they contacted me :D The music style is perhaps not my favorite, but it grows on me for each time I listen to it :P

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