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This here is quite a short and casual post, for a change. I have long figured I lack posts in that category, it’s way too easy to dismiss things because they feel too small to mention, but I will try to be… more casual :)

Last week I finally got around to ordering old Canon lenses and an adapter for micro four thirds, which incidentally is the lens system used on the GF1, this after I saw it as a good method for acquiring cheap glass to experiment with. After shopping away at eBay, as usual, I now have everything I ordered at home, and yesterday I went out to try one of the lenses. The 100-300 mm zoom.

Just looking at the camera with the lens on makes it feel ridiculous! And the portability is heavily degraded, to say the least. In any case, what you see is the GF1, a Novoflex adapter, a Vivitar 2x tele converter and then the Canon FD 100-300 mm lens. Why I use the tele converter? It’s because I cannot get the lens to fit directly on the adapter, while the other lenses work fine, not sure why that is.

Due to the sensor size in the camera the specified focal length is doubled, and adding the converter makes it double again, meaning the effective focal length ends up at 400-1200mm! Needless to say it’s a bit tricky to use.

I have photographed the moon before, or attempted to, but never with this focal length. I had to try it! To get the moon as sharp as possible I had to be very gentle with the focus, and as the moon itself kept moving I had to reposition my camera constantly! Below is probably the best picture.

My previous experiments with photographing the moon has all had quite bad results, mostly due to the moon ending up as a small spot on in the picture, this ended up almost nice even if there were thin clouds this evening.

Something I am pondering about the FD lenses is if the aperture rings on the lenses actually work. I don’t seem to notice any difference when I use it, no change in light intake from the largest to smallest aperture setting, and it’s like this for pretty much all the lenses I bought. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick to it? Hmmm!

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