Two Fingers, Two Years

Time sure flies. Two years ago today I managed to cut my fingers. I think this marks the limit for the time the doctor gave my nerves to heal themselves, which means I might be stuck with my slightly numb and touchy fingers… forever! I’m so used to them now it will probably be fine :) The scars are still quite touchy though and sensitive for pressure.

What have I not said about the incident? I could go into detail of one of the experiences. When I was going to get sewed together again the doctor gave me anesthetics while my father told her that we have a family history of being slightly resistant or unresponsive to anesthetics. Of course she thought we were just talking nonsense and when she got back after fifteen minutes and I said that I was not sure it had worked it’s magic… she tried it by pinching my finger with a pincher! I’m not sure where she pinched, but because it was incredibly painful I guess it might actually have been near the wound. From my violent flinch and the scream she managed to realize that I still had feelings in my finger, and I was just staring at her with huge horrified eyes. She left me for another 10 minutes at that point.

When she got back I was obviously not feeling anything anymore, that would have been crazy right? As I mentioned in my original post I could feel the first three or four stitches; and I have to say that a needle puncturing your skin is quite unpleasant and painful. I guess it’s very noticeable in your fingers due to all the nerves so doing what people do in movies and sewing a leg or arm wound together might be less painful. Perhaps adrenaline helps if the wound was acquired moments earlier. In any case, after the anesthetics actually had started working I just lay there staring at the ceiling letting the time pass.

It took them quite a while to get it finished, as it kept gushing blood from the cuts. From medically inclined people I have talked to afterward they have wondered why on earth they didn’t constrain the blood flow to my arm so they could work without me getting drained of my health ketchup. I have also heard that the doctor I got is not very humane or careful… which I think I noticed. Apparently I should feel lucky to even have my fingers left!

All in all from that experience I wonder how damage reports are interpreted. Mine did sound a bit lame as I had written “I cut my fingers with a bread knife.” which was the truth! I did add that it was a Global knife which supposedly is the sharpest consumer bread knife in the world! Clearly they did not suspect that I had rolled the blade off the bones in my fingers, hehe.

I get reminded of this whole event every time I hold a knife. If not by my own head, someone else who knows me will tell me to be careful or jokingly (I hope!) take the knife away from me, it’s a curse! And I promise, this is the last time I will mention this incident, I just felt it fitting as the doctor did mention two years.

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9 Responses to Two Fingers, Two Years

  1. óscar says:

    Andreas, how do you feel the fingers? do you have more sensitivity?

  2. Now 4½ years later it’s not that bad. They still feel partially numb to the touch, but these jolts of pain I got gripping handles in the beginning are pretty much gone. I still avoid to put pressure directly on the scars, that seems like asking for problems, but otherwise it is not very often I actually think about it anymore :P Even though now when you brought it up I can feel that those two fingers sure feel different. Luckily, or not, I have enough other things that ache that it’s again, not very noticeable :x

  3. Óscar says:

    I also cut finger a month ago and I have no sensitivity, can not get used to this, how long did it take to get used to? I have hope of recovering anything.

  4. I think it’s a matter of where on the fingers you have lost sensitivity. For me it affected areas of my fingers that are not used that much when I work, meaning typing on a keyboard, so I was very lucky that way. It is the most noticeable when lifting heavy things.

    As for how quick I got used to it I’m not really sure this long after, but I think about the time when I stopped getting these very painful senstations when gripping stuff putting pressure on the scars. It took perhaps three months or more, could even have been a year but I think less.

    Nerve damage apparently heals 1-2 mm per year, if I remember that correctly, which means you are lucky if you get a quick fix. I wish you the best recovery possible :) just keep in mind that it will take time, and will probably never be fully restored! Something it is best to come to terms with!

  5. Óscar says:

    Thank you! After 39 days, the numbness continues, I think it will be very long.

  6. Óscar says:

    Andreas! How is your fingers, do you recovered more sensitivity. I Feel the ice… But I don’t feel…

  7. Hello again Óscar! Now five years later I still have numbness in both my fingers. It has been quite some time since I got those nerve jolts of pain so that might be fairly sorted out. I think I could still get them if I apply enough pressure on the scars, but I’m not testing that :P So yeah, it’s probably improving a little bit, but it could just as well be my imagination or just that I have gotten used to it.

  8. Óscar says:

    5 years is a long time! I at 3 months after the accident I was operated finger, put the affected nerve within a vein to prevent pain, but it went very well. The only thing different is that now I feel the cold and heat and now I have hopes of returning to feel my right ring finger.I don’t know if you feel the temperatures of things.

    It’s very hard to live with this pain and situation every day :(

    thanks for answering Andreas :)

  9. Actually the temperature thing is odd. Warm can feel cold and the reverse, as you can tell. I’ve even had the case where my non-scarred hand gets confused which is kind of odd, but I guess the brain tries to make sense of what the other hand feels and gets it wrong. Sounds like you had a serious injury! O_o Hoping the best for your recovery!

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