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Is this really me?

If you can, click the image quickly before reading any other text and try to figure out what the concept is, except that there are two of me fused together. I will try to write some generic text here as … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2010-10-19

Update: Uhoh, I totally forgot! While updating my theme I also managed to cook up a kind of gallery for all my impossible figures! I have been wanting something like this since I started with this blog so now I’m … Continue reading

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Flip it!

You might remember my last venture into turning my head upside down. Just after posting that I happened to bump into similar images on the net. The method used seemed easier while also generating easier to look at results, uhoh. … Continue reading

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Cobalt Flux Revived

A few months back I finally ordered a pair of Cobalt Flux dancing platforms. I had been dreaming about those since I first got aware of their existence, probably about four or five years ago. I imported them from the … Continue reading

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