Jumping the Rocks

My neighbor and friend randomly said that we were going to Lysekil the next day, he proposed this quite late in the evening. I was first and foremost added to the group as they needed a sober driver on the way back, or at least that is how it appeared ;) In any case I got talked into it and packed some stuff so I could enjoy the cliffs, like you might remember I did two years ago! (Wow, time sure flies… and I had no beard back then, shocking!)

This time the weather was much warmer and sunnier! Before going to the cliffs we walked around town for quite a bit, so I managed to get dehydrated and my body temperature was probably higher than normal, as well as my energy somewhat depleted… so when I got started on running around the rocky landscape I got exhausted really quickly. This was not ideal, but I figured as I had brought all the gear with me and dressed up for the occasion I would have make do as good as I could manage. The gear I am talking about is a bunch of protection as well as my GoPro HD Hero on a chest harness, to document my escapades. Sadly I managed to scratch the lens of the external shell while trying to survive, but it’s quite economical to replace, I just have to find a good place to order replacements from.

After my run I took a few swims with my friends, who had stayed sunbathing where I started out from, and when we were going back to the car it was much easier to run around on the cliffs. I think my main problem before was that I was simply too hot. The sun shone very brightly this day.

As you might have noticed I managed to crunch up my fingers when I did an careless jump. They are still sore and a bit hard to bend, but I hope they’ll be OK! What surprised me (in mid air) was that the surface I was landing on was actually at an angle and not horizontal, which was what I was expecting. This also explains my panicky shout :)

Will I do it again? Hopefully, if I don’t get into even worse shape than this time! And perhaps with a different camera placement, though it is quite interesting to see the arms like that, I think. We’ll see, perhaps in another two years!

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