Tower Defense Graphics

This will be a really quick post, as the project itself was done in a hurry.

I have always liked tower defense games, not sure why. It’s not like I play them all the time, but I enjoy them whenever I bump into (a well made) one.

It so came to pass that my brother and his friend were coding a tower defense game as a university assignment and they needed someone to make more graphics for them, as their first slave had kind of quit. I decided to whip something together and it was actually fun :) It took me a few evenings but it felt refreshing.

In the game the monsters start at the spawning portal and try to find the best way to the end castle. As in any tower defense game you build offensive towers, earn credits when the towers kill monsters and the challenge is come up with the right strategy to survive the level.

I made the monsters below from scratch and while I did not make the original towers (green and red) I butched together a blue tower and added the different upgrade stages. I also drew the spawning portal and the quite weird end castle.

Wohoo, they are running like crazy! The animations are made either by reversing a single picture  horizontally or simply by cycling two separate frames. The different color versions represent different amounts of evil, as the monsters turn more evil (dangerous) the further you get in the game!


The towers have five levels where fire power, range and fire rate are upgraded sporadically. The obvious graphical steps are bare, iron, bronze, silver and gold where gold really is a bit illogical as it is a fairly soft metal, but it looks nice :P

I think the castle gave me the most trouble, this is version two. In contrast the portal was quite straight forward to make. In addition I also made some particle graphics and projectiles, but they’re so few pixels I will leave them out :)

If they eventually put the game online I’ll provide a link!

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2 Responses to Tower Defense Graphics

  1. IIAOPSW says:

    sure would be swell if the monsters followed a geometrically impossible path..but I might be asking to much. I wouldn’t even know where to begin programming an “impossible” game.

  2. It wouldn’t be that hard, just treat the impossible 3D environment as a 2D environment with connected areas that are all walkable :P Just see the Sanctuary in Diablo 2.

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