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Shooting from a Motorcycle

This is an idea I got just when I had started practicing riding my motorcycle. The motivation was a contest on a site where you submitted a photo project you wanted to do with the camera you could win. As … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2011-09-18

As I managed to make two illusions one month these posts sit around for more than a month before they are being published. It’s a nice time margin to have, but it also means what I have written about my … Continue reading

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I Love My GoPro!

The post title is also the name of a contest held by GoPro! Entrants get to caption four photos and/or creative entries and submit them for a chance to win an HD Hero 2 including mounting accessories. The top spot out of the top … Continue reading

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Google Reader is Awesome

Or well, it was awesome. Now it’s just a popular RSS feed aggregator. Early this week Google pushed the new version of Google Reader onto users. The fact sharing would be removed had been announced a week prior to the … Continue reading

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