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A Trip to the Silver Falls

Last October I went with a bunch of friends to a place called the Silver Falls, or Silverfallen in Swedish. It’s a nature reserve and as such is a fairly beautiful place, we went there to have a picnic and … Continue reading

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Now as a Motion Picture!

So after a comment on the last figure I figured… that I should use the material I had already generated to create the composite to make a video. With the images all layered on top of each other you can … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2012-01-24

The day after I had finished this one having spent a lot of time thinking about the design I decided to redo it. I was unhappy with how it looked and I quickly decided what to change, but it required … Continue reading

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Illusionary Pyramids

For a few years I have seen the Best Illusion of the Year Contest pass me by. Last time I decided I actually wanted to do something for it but just submitting one of my impossible figures felt a bit … Continue reading

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