Impossible Figure: 2012-01-24

The day after I had finished this one having spent a lot of time thinking about the design I decided to redo it. I was unhappy with how it looked and I quickly decided what to change, but it required almost a complete remake. In total I’ve probably spent more than eight hours on drawing in perspective… I’ll try to make another progress composite with all my reference lines visible, there is no automatic process though so I need to take 60++ screen grabs and blend them in Photoshop :) Update: It’s available further down!


Linework | Fillwork

The two forks are connected at both ends while being perpendicular to each other.

This is the blended composite of 43 steps of perspective drawing. I removed the frames from the first version I made so this only includes the steps to the final artwork.

This is my second picture like this, I might make more, this time it was quicker than last time as I did it differently. I think this version got nicer colors but the lines are not anti-aliased so they might look a bit jagged.

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3 Responses to Impossible Figure: 2012-01-24

  1. ZackDark says:

    I think I see how you lay down the initial idea there. X marks the spot, right? :P

    Also, how do you draw these? By hand or computer-aided?

  2. Hmm, there are quite many X’s :P They are used to take out center points, the large circles are vanishing points, the brownish lines are reference lines drawn from those vanishing points, yellow lines are new lines drawn between intersections and white lines are either the original reference or the final lines.

    As for how I make them, there are multiple steps. I always sketch them out on paper first, then I go digital. I’ve described it at one point, over here. It should still be accurate…

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