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Black Ice

One Sunday in February this year I had enjoyed a Sunday lunch at my parents’ place and was heading home. With a belly full of food and driving on a very familiar road for the hundredths time, I was very relaxed, and … Continue reading

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Droste Facebook Banner

A while back I experimented with making images with the Droste effect. I planned to do some serious pictures but I never got so far as the plugin I was using had a few issues with my installation, and now … Continue reading

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Swedwood Motorcycle Tour

A month ago I joined up with old colleagues for the annual excursion on two wheels. Last year I missed out because I was going to an intensive riding course to get my actual motorcycle license. A random note on that is … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2012-05-25

As this was going to be my 100th perspective illusion I figured I would have to do something special, more so than usual. I decided to do a homage to the first scientifically published impossible art, a Penrose triangle or … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

My previous employment was as an IT manager at a local process manufacturing facility. I got hired at the end of 2006 as an IT tech guy to help offload the current IT manager as he had been working alone … Continue reading

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Geometrical Research

A few months back I silently updated my guide page for splitting a surface into equal parts. It was the result of quite some experimentation and exploration into the realm of geometrical constructs. In no way am I a mathematician … Continue reading

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