Impossible Figure: 2012-06-30

The sketch for this one was actually very small, but it fascinated me a bit. If you look at the left side of this construction, you can see that the side of the front layer of the wall at the same time is the side of the back layer. Personally I instantaneously called this a paradox surface, not sure if there is a better name for this feature, but it ended up being the title this time around :)

The holes in the wall were all made intentionally to strengthen the fact that a surface belongs to this or that part of the illusion. A hole basically repeats that this the true state of this construction, otherwise this hole could not exist here. At the same time there is another hole that tells a story that is in conflict with the first!


Linework | Fillwork

This wall appears to change the direction it is facing while at the same time what is behind the wall becomes the side of it and vice versa.

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Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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