Happy Holidays 2012!

This year I didn’t really have any brains left to do individual cards and send them out all over the world, as well as being a bit economical as I’m still studying without any real income. Instead I did a Photoshop job yesterday in a very frantic manner that I shared today.

I do wonder how I'm supposed to focus on a HUD this close to my face...

As usual I took a photo from a movie from the year that has passed and inserted myself. At first I was looking for something funny from The Hobbit as I just saw that flick, but I don’t have much of my photography gear with me so I settled for an Iron Man shot from The Avengers.

Original photo, original movie shot, final composite.

I had accidentally changed the camera to JPEG instead of RAW the last time I used it, but the exposure was good enough so I could still use my images. To match the lighting in the original shot I used a 10″ tablet with a white background at maximum brightness as the only light source. I held it up behind the camera in a dark room and snapped away hoping to get a shot that would work, and luckily I did! The process in Photoshop was…

  • Scaling, rotating and masking out my face.
  • Adjusting color balance, curves, levels, brightness and contrast.
  • Adding blur and reducing saturation at different places.
  • Adding glow, reflections and some extra graphics and text.
  • Some final dodging and burning and then a global curves adjustment.

Not my own eyes! D:

Of course that was fairly simplified, but pretty much it too! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In case you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Oh, and something funny. When you already got something matched up like this, it’s quite easy to give myself Mr Starks eyes. Weird… eew… I don’t like looking at that one, hahaha!

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3 Responses to Happy Holidays 2012!

  1. nic says:

    Merry X’mas and Happy Year 2013!!

  2. KingJena says:

    You don’t have tuts?

  3. I don’t work in Photoshop often enough to qualify for making tutorials, in my mind, and I have no official education on the application :P Usually when I do photo projects I tend to describe how I’ve done them, for the people interested but also as a means of historically documenting it for my own sake. And honestly, if I ever bump into issues in Photoshop, I’m the one googling for tutorials myself :D

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