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I have always had a fascination with 360 degree panoramas, often when I have been out travelling or just outdoors I place myself strategically and spin on the spot to capture my surroundings. This interest started much earlier than my … Continue reading

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Impossible Figure: 2012-11-27

When I sketched this piece it was quite easy to look at. After I had split it in two and colored it, it became much harder to see that it was impossible! Each piece is a possible object, but when … Continue reading

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Trick Music: Prism

In March last year I got an email from Trick MusicĀ about using one of my impossible figures as a CD cover for one of their upcoming projects. As you might remember something similar has happened before, and for some reason … Continue reading

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DreamHack Winter 2012

Above you can see a time-lapse done with my webcam from when I visited DreamHack Winter 2012. Right now I’m at zero income, and a table spot is quite expensive, but as I had never brought a machine when going … Continue reading

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