Impossible Figure: DoubleTribar4

Stress and distractions have kept me from posting, but now my vacation is over and I should get back to things like this, I still draw them so I might just as well post them :) I will be cheating a bit here, as is possible with a personal blog, and post this one in the past :o Don’t tell anyone!

The interesting thing with this figure is that it consists of two similar objects that by themselves are not impossible, but as a whole it is.

Linework | Fillwork

If you travel around this construction you can find several ways to continue in any axis indefinitely.

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  1. This is brilliant!

    I’m infinitely glad I Googled “How to divide a square into twelve equal parts without a ruler” and found your blog.

    Please continue to share your work. It’s great fun!

    (My blog JAI BHAKTI™ has been on hiatus due to health reasons, but I’m getting ready to publish a lot of writing, photographs, etc., soon.)


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