Impossible Figure: Echo

Oh look, an impossible figure! Still not sure about that term in English, it’s pretty much a direct translation from Swedish. The other word would be illusion, but that seems so generic or ambiguous. In any case, long since I posted the last one. Long story short, hectic life, software problems, computer crashes, tired of posting and then time runs away an entire year. Nuts. In any case, new computer, new year, time to get this thing up and running again :)

Linework | Fillwork

Four parts connected so you can travel from top to bottom horizontally or front to back vertically.

About Andreas Aronsson

Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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2 Responses to Impossible Figure: Echo

  1. Tektotherriggen says:

    “Impossible Figures” is what everyone else calls them ;-) .

    It’s great to see this series return, thank you!

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah, I have always just called them that, but it was more a direct translation than anything I had looked up!

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