PC VR Buyer’s Guide

I’ve hinted on making a buyer’s guide a few times now and I used a few evenings to set up a page for it. Originally I was going to make a folding form you could print and fill out, but considering many of the terms used can be unfamiliar to people I opted for an interactive version with tooltips.

The form itself is built using JavaScript and radio buttons. The original had jQuery sliders but that didn’t really work on mobile for people so I opted for radio buttons instead. The best way to navigate the form on PC is to just click on a radio button, then use the arrow keys to step sideways and TAB or Shift+TAB to change row.

Go to the PC VR Buyer’s Guide

I’ve tried to be as objective as possible making this and have avoided adding features that is in any way subjective or based on personal preference. In the end I recommend to actually trying the hardware out if you really care about getting what suits you the best. Try to find demos in stores or see if any of your friends have bought a system. Personally I’ve had random people from the Internet come by my place to try things out, but that might be tricker to arrange :)

If you think there are misrepresentations in the form please provide me with feedback! I’ve had about 20 people try this out previously through Twitter and instant messaging and I’ve done adjustments accordingly. You can contact me through the comments section below, the email form or Twitter.

To clarify one thing. At the moment I only see the Rift and Vive as the currently available consumer hardware on PC, this as the official OSVR headset while available is still labeled as a Hacker Development Kit. The name alone makes me think it’s not directly targeted towards consumers.

But, the HDK 1.4 does feature positional tracking, a low persistence screen and can be bought by anyone so I guess if someone wants to help me expand the guide to include the OSVR HDK (or any other headset I guess) feel free to supply me with which features in the list it supports and suitable extra features that are not included yet including tooltips. I’ve felt hesitant to add the HDK mostly because I’ve assumed it is not the final iteration yet and I also don’t own it myself so I have little knowledge of the actual feature set and lack the ability to validate things in person.

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