Christmas Card 2016

This recent end of year was a bit hectic and chaotic as I had just moved between temporary living spaces two times every other month and then finally got a first hand contract for the first time in four years making for the third move that year. With the pressure on the housing market in Sweden it was only because I got a job in a new town that the municipally could provide a contract for me, through company connections of course. Towns do love new taxpayers!

This is a pretty nice place, the apartment and area, but I know nobody here so it’s mixed emotions. I’m happy about finally having a place where I can stay as long as I pay while a bit sad that I have absolutely no prior contacts here. As soon as I have this place under control so I focus on other things I’ll try to explore the local organizations and clubs though.

But! While my life has been kind of crazy lately I did manage to produce a Christmas Card this year as well, or rather last year by now. Ideas had been flying around in my head for weeks but a concept matured in my mind the night before Christmas Eve, the day Sweden usually celebrates Christmas. Here is the final picture below.


Of course as this was the year when consumer virtual reality was re-introduced to the marketplace the main theme was kind of a given, especially considering it’s been my main hobby for more than four years by now. For some reason I cannot let go of this semi-dystopian line of thought when I think of virtual reality, perhaps as I am an incurable escapist I can imagine just what is to come. It does fit my current living situation though, so I guess it’s more true than one would expect.

ChristmasCard-2016My actual parents were nice enough to participate in this project, the top image was taken before the gifts were battled about and the bottom photo some time later in the evening. As I had people around I did have my younger brother as a photo assistant, that was a nice contrast to my otherwise entirely solo operations.

Hopefully it is obvious that there has been some photoshopping, both to make the top photo more colorful and to make the bottom photo less so. And a bit grimy. And for your information, I’m wearing the HTC Vive headset, and as a random detail if you read this far, yeah, I forgot to connect my headphones :P I still think it looks fine, luckily the cable ends outside the frame!

The most technical part was matching the second photo with the first one, both the posing and the editing, the perspective was a bit off and I had to digitally tilt my head to match the original. Overall I’m quite happy though, especially as I used no filters, flashes or other accessories taking the photographs. There’s a short clip of the evening process below.

While I was in VR watching myself trying to match up with the original picture my brother acted automatic shutter release. Such a welcome change indeed! I used Virtual Desktop to show a webpage that had a low opacity image on top of the webcam feed showing the LCD of my camera. It’s very similar to what I did in 2014, just a bit more refined as back then I displayed a raw stereo pair of the webcam directly in the headset.

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