SteamVR Voxel Environment

I spent a few weekends working on creating a simplified version of my livingroom to use as my SteamVR environment. This is a tutorial on how to do it yourself!

To make it through this guide you need something to measure your space with, a tape measure or folding ruler. You also need to install two or three freeware applications. I’m assuming you have Steam and SteamVR already installed and in possession of a compatible VR system.

First and foremost we need something to adjust the Chaperone with, to fine tune it as well as we can. This is not necessary if you think your space is configured properly already.

The second application is a voxel editor we’ll use to design the 3D model in. You can use any tool here but then you’ll have to figure out the scale and orientation yourself.

Finally we need an application that will take the export from MagicaVoxel and optimize it for SteamVR.

  • Install Blender3D through Steam or download and install it off of their site.

With these applications up and running you are ready to start! All parts are listed below (WIP!):

  • Fine tune your play space