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Easy Monitor Backlight

– I’ve not written on this here blog for quite some time now. Not sure if it’s because of stress or just that it’s so convenient to post articles on large forums like Reddit, mostly due to limited formatting. And as … Continue reading

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Modular Sofa Win

When I moved into my current apartment I decided to get a new sofa. When picking which sofa to get I looked at functionality first, then appeal, price and lastly comfortability; because that has to be tested at the store … Continue reading

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Renovating My Apartment

Last summer I began renovating my new apartment. My lovely parents helped me out, or else I would still be doing it. During the process I had a laptop with an Xbox Live Vision camera connected that captured a frame … Continue reading

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Furnishing: Table top hack

My current apartment got a fairly narrow kitchen, so when I moved in I begun thinking of how to put a kitchen table in there, someplace to eat, without blocking off half the room. After throwing away many ideas I … Continue reading

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