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Cheap Microphone Stand

While looking for a good mike to record my voice with for videos (still getting there) I bumped into a Youtube clip where a similar mike was mounted on a swimg-arm desktop light. Of course I had to do the … Continue reading

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Modular Sofa Win

When I moved into my current apartment I decided to get a new sofa. When picking which sofa to get I looked at functionality first, then appeal, price and lastly comfortability; because that has to be tested at the store … Continue reading

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TV Background Lighting

Last week I made an investment and bought a new TV, one of those flat ones. Previously I’ve been using a 29″ Sony CRT weighing about 45 kg, lots of glass as it has a perfectly flat screen. Last Thursday … Continue reading

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Stuff: New bicycle!

Update: The foldable IKEA bike I mention here is not the one IKEA now sells in their stores. As I say below it was a gift to the UK IKEA employees. The bike available for purchase is most likely of … Continue reading

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Furnishing: Table top hack

My current apartment got a fairly narrow kitchen, so when I moved in I begun thinking of how to put a kitchen table in there, someplace to eat, without blocking off half the room. After throwing away many ideas I … Continue reading

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