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Two Fingers, Two Years

Time sure flies. Two years ago today I managed to cut my fingers. I think this marks the limit for the time the doctor gave my nerves to heal themselves, which means I might be stuck with my slightly numb … Continue reading

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Karate! Karate! Karate!

Today I did my first Karate session since 2003, that is six years ago! I have been hyper nervous for several days, but apparently I managed to survive. I did tear off some skin off of my left big toe, … Continue reading

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Finger Healing Process

A bit more than a month ago I cut my fingers, pretty deep, so now I lack feeling right above the cuts and from the center of the cut to the fingertip. The transition between normal feeling and no feeling … Continue reading

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Right is good, left not so good.

Hurt fingers greets healthy fingers. Of course special situations awake ideas in my head. Hopefully my left index and long finger will feel better soon enough. Like, in six months.

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Knife, meet Hand!

Yesterday (2008-10-05) I managed to do a really clumsy thing. I had my brothers visiting playing Zack & Wiki (not new but awesome!) so I was a bit out of focus when I battled with separating frozen bread slices for … Continue reading

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Skiing faceplant!

Recently I was away skiing in Hundfjället, Sälen, Sweden. I went into the second steepest slope there, as the steepest one (The Wall) was closed off for upcoming competitions; and as I fiddled with the camera which was attached to … Continue reading

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