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I have always had a fascination with 360 degree panoramas, often when I have been out travelling or just outdoors I place myself strategically and spin on the spot to capture my surroundings. This interest started much earlier than my … Continue reading

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Labels Contest

As you might have noticed contests do motivate my creativity. This time it was the annual contest of Tenimages.org that seemed interesting, even though I got into it quite late and was very stressed out because of my planned trip … Continue reading

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Midsummer Eve ’09

In June this year I was invited to Lysekil, a friend’s home town, to celebrate the Swedish holiday Midsummer Eve. A group of us went there and had a great time! First we had some food while trying to survive … Continue reading

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18500 Cranes

A few weeks ago my parents asked me if I wanted to head for the Hornborgar lake to watch the cranes as they had arrived with the spring, or the other way around. Apparently it was a crane record, with … Continue reading

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Summer Pictures: Öland

This summer I was invited to join my parents and my brother to camp a week in their mobile home on Öland, an island outside the main land of Sweden. Hesitantly I accepted the offer, but I regret nothing as … Continue reading

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Without Water at Work

Two days ago, that is Monday, the day started with the announcement that we had no water, as a water leak had been discovered near our building. During the day I saw various machines and people coming and going outside … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Greenery!

A week ago I took a walk with a friend to scout out a track for running. While strolling along I snapped a few pictures of the wonderful vegetation. Below is a very small collection of five pictures, of which … Continue reading

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Weekend Pictures

The past weekend was three days long because of a national holiday, so I was out of town from Friday morning until Sunday evening. Good times! I took a bunch of various pictures even though the weather was mostly gray … Continue reading

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Sunset, Clouds and Lake Pictures and Panoramas

These images are from last Thursday, loads of high altitude clouds, displaying a cloud landscape with an incredible depth. I managed to botch up the exposure between shots, so the images didn’t end up panorama friendly. Next up are a … Continue reading

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Sunset Sky Panoramas

Why settle for a photo when it’s fairly easy and comfortable to stitch together panoramas nowadays! This is the sky I saw when walking home from a friend last night. It was pink at first, but as the sun set, … Continue reading

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