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I have always had a fascination with 360 degree panoramas, often when I have been out travelling or just outdoors I place myself strategically and spin on the spot to capture my surroundings. This interest started much earlier than my … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays 2012!

This year I didn’t really have any brains left to do individual cards and send them out all over the world, as well as being a bit economical as I’m still studying without any real income. Instead I did a … Continue reading

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Motorcycling Facebook Banner

This past summer I one day randomly decided I would try to realize a photo montage I had dreamt up during the off season, while it was still cold and the road road conditions were dangerous. In Sweden you do … Continue reading

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Droste Facebook Banner

A while back I experimented with making images with the Droste effect. I planned to do some serious pictures but I never got so far as the plugin I was using had a few issues with my installation, and now … Continue reading

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Sketching Myself

Sometimes I pick a friends profile picture on Facebook and imitate it. My initial thought was that I would do this frequently and then post a collection, but I didn’t really have the motivation to keep it going so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2011

This year (2011) I was very worn out and stressed when I finally accepted that if I was going to make a Christmas card I had to do it now and then. That was the 18th of December. The official … Continue reading

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Tower Defense Graphics

This will be a really quick post, as the project itself was done in a hurry. I have always liked tower defense games, not sure why. It’s not like I play them all the time, but I enjoy them whenever I bump … Continue reading

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Chistmas Card 2010

This year, or last year rather , I had made up my mind that I was going to be smart and make my seasonal card in good time before they had to be sent. Instead of very late like previous … Continue reading

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Is this really me?

If you can, click the image quickly before reading any other text and try to figure out what the concept is, except that there are two of me fused together. I will try to write some generic text here as … Continue reading

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Flip it!

You might remember my last venture into turning my head upside down. Just after posting that I happened to bump into similar images on the net. The method used seemed easier while also generating easier to look at results, uhoh. … Continue reading

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