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My eyes! My eyes! Aaaargh!

Last week I was at the optician to try out one-day-contact-lenses. There, with the guidance of the professional optician, it took me an hour to insert and remove a contact lense for one of my eyes. As I am going … Continue reading

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A few more and I can build a suitcase!

Lately I’ve been really busy with a few projects which are still not public. One of them is almost good enough to post soon, planned it last Tuesday… but then I got more ideas to implement… you will see, soon! … Continue reading

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Trampoline + Water = ?

Earlier I posted that I had acquired a trampoline to put in my parents garden, as I myself live in an apartment. Shortly afterward I got curious of how well it would work in water, if at all. It was … Continue reading

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My best office accessory at the moment!

The USB-FAN! I can’t open the windows in my office and the ventilation is not adjustable. I use the fan to cool myself down after having rode the bike to work or after I’ve been running around in the factory … Continue reading

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The NeoCube is Funtacular!

This Thursday I finally got my NeoCube! I ordered it after seeing it online, somewhere, at April 30th. So I had waited just about 10 weeks! I’ve been plenty busy with other things in the mean time, but I was … Continue reading

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Stuff: Trampoline! Next step is flying!

I’ve dreamt about having a large trampoline since forever. When I was a kid my family had a tiny one, and we bounced quite a lot on it, but again, it was really tiny. I’ve seen these fairly large trampolines … Continue reading

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Stuff: New bicycle!

Update: The foldable IKEA bike I mention here is not the one IKEA now sells in their stores. As I say below it was a gift to the UK IKEA employees. The bike available for purchase is most likely of … Continue reading

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