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Experiencing DK2 at Shayla Games

Backstory Earlier this year, in May, I went to Copenhagen University to try out the Oculus Rift DK2. Nowadays I hang out quite a bit over at Reddit, and in VRSweden an Oculus employee posted the he would demo the … Continue reading

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Ski Camp 2009

I went together with a whole lot of teenagers on a Church Skiing camp this February. It was a tremendous amount of fun with a lot of social activities and, of course, skiing. I am not going to spend very … Continue reading

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Pictures from Öland

Yet again I went with my parents on a camping trip to Öland, to get away from home for a while, this was in July this year. It is a necessity for me to get out of town so it … Continue reading

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Midsummer Eve ’09

In June this year I was invited to Lysekil, a friend’s home town, to celebrate the Swedish holiday Midsummer Eve. A group of us went there and had a great time! First we had some food while trying to survive … Continue reading

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Trip to Gothenburg

This happened at the beginning of August last year, 2008, at the end of my vacation. We were a couple of friends who had talked about visiting Liseberg, a funfair located in Gothenburg, and some of us actually ended up … Continue reading

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Skiing Trip 2008

I have been putting off posting this for… well, a year! I had planned to get this posted before this years skiing trip, but I ran out of time. I had to cut down the video from 30 minutes too, … Continue reading

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Summer Pictures: Öland

This summer I was invited to join my parents and my brother to camp a week in their mobile home on Öland, an island outside the main land of Sweden. Hesitantly I accepted the offer, but I regret nothing as … Continue reading

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Trampoline + Water = ?

Earlier I posted that I had acquired a trampoline to put in my parents garden, as I myself live in an apartment. Shortly afterward I got curious of how well it would work in water, if at all. It was … Continue reading

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First time firing a handgun!

Two weeks ago we were visiting a couple of friends to test out pistol shooting at a pistol shooting club where they are both members. I set out with two cameras, my Ixus 75, and the borrowed Sanyo Xacti VPC … Continue reading

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Boat Trip Pictures

Last Friday I was out on a boat trip. It has been a tradition here at work to have a trip for the employees every year, before summer vacation, and this year we went out on the Göta Canal, again. … Continue reading

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