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Now as a Motion Picture!

So after a comment on the last figure I figured… that I should use the material I had already generated to create the composite to make a video. With the images all layered on top of each other you can … Continue reading

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Illusionary Pyramids

For a few years I have seen the Best Illusion of the Year Contest pass me by. Last time I decided I actually wanted to do something for it but just submitting one of my impossible figures felt a bit … Continue reading

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Jumping the Rocks

My neighbor and friend randomly said that we were going to Lysekil the next day, he proposed this quite late in the evening. I was first and foremost added to the group as they needed a sober driver on the … Continue reading

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Review: Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3

Late last year I ordered myself a Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 – that is a really long name so from now on I will only call it the W3! I have had plans for building a 3D photo rig … Continue reading

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Skating on a Lake

A little more than two weeks ago I was randomly invited to go iceskating on a lake that had frozen over this winter. Now, as it had already turned into March, the ice was melting away but it was still … Continue reading

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First Time Paintballing

January 6th this year a friend brought a group of us out to paintball at MASH Paintball. As we live in the dark and snowy country that is Sweden doing it outdoors was not to think of, but indoors we … Continue reading

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Chistmas Card 2010

This year, or last year rather , I had made up my mind that I was going to be smart and make my seasonal card in good time before they had to be sent. Instead of very late like previous … Continue reading

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Wedding Activities

A little more than a month ago (September 4th) a couple of my friends got married! Pernilla and Johannes, and I got the honor to be acting wedding host (a.k.a. toast master) together with another friend, Veronica :) I had … Continue reading

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Crappy Aiptek 3D i2 is Crap

Update: The 16th of September Aiptek released a firmware update to fix the frame-rate issue. Sadly I had returned mine before I could try the update, and seeing how the product was working out of the box still says something … Continue reading

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Christmas Decoration Madness

I have never been much of a Christmas decorator. Last year I bought a few metal stars to hang in my windows but otherwise I have almost nothing. This year I noticed a computer Christmas decoration contest over at Sweclockers.com, … Continue reading

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