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VR Scenario Contest Entry

In January this year there was a contest over at VRSverige.se where one could submit a scenario we wanted to see in VR. I of course forgot all about it until the last day and then spent 5-6 hours brain storming … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2016

This recent end of year was a bit hectic and chaotic as I had just moved between temporary living spaces two times every other month and then finally got a first hand contract for the first time in four years making for … Continue reading

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PC VR Buyer’s Guide

I’ve hinted on making a buyer’s guide a few times now and I used a few evenings to set up a page for it. Originally I was going to make a folding form you could print and fill out, but … Continue reading

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Three Headsets, Three Pictures, Three Years

Sometimes I get this creative urge that drives me to just make something, then photography is a nice outlet, I get to conceptualise and plan something, set up and experiment with image technology, act as a talent and finally dabble around … Continue reading

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My mostly subjective comparison: Rift and Vive

Since a few weeks back I’ve had friends ask me what I think about the Rift and Vive as I’m in the lucky position to own both headsets, each arrived exactly one week after their individual launch date which is … Continue reading

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Simple IPD Measurement Method

A few days ago I noticed a post on Reddit about how to measure your IPD, or inter-pupillary distance, without going to an optometrist. The method required a pair of binoculars though, which I don’t have readily available, so I figured … Continue reading

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Should you buy a VR system?

About a week ago I made a flowchart to help people decide if they should buy a virtual reality system right now. I worked on the logics of it for a few evenings after having been inspired by a comment on … Continue reading

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XboxWASD in FreePIE

In my venture into VR I sometimes bump into experiences which only take keyboard and mouse input. To feel less tied down I usually opt for using a wireless Xbox360 gamepad, and this weekend I figured that there has to … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2014

It feels like a long time ago I posted anything else than my illusions. Hmh… I have many posts I should finish, that are still just drafts, stuff like instant projects makes me remember that. This is one project like … Continue reading

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Simulator Sickness and VR Legs

So it should be fairly evident that I’ve been bitten by the VR bug. Ever since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter back in 2012 it’s been on my mind, and has turned into my primary tech hobby since. I got my … Continue reading

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