PC VR Buyer's Guide

This is a form that will try to help you decide which Virtual Reality system to buy for PC if you are still weighing your options, right now it includes the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The list consists of features that are either included or not in each system, pick between the different radio buttons to set how much you value that specific feature. Click the button at the bottom to show the resulting scores.

If you are unsure what a feature is you can mouse over it or tap it to get a tooltip. The form saves what you set locally so if you reload the page you can make adjustments, you can reset it by clicking here. No form data is registered or transmitted in any way.

I have tried to be as objective as possible and include everything I could think of that has nothing to do with personal preference or taste. Please don't see the result from this as final but as an attempt at an objective recommendation!

What can be better than this form? Testing the hardware out in person of course! If you get the chance to do that jump on it!