Finger Healing Process

A bit more than a month ago I cut my fingers, pretty deep, so now I lack feeling right above the cuts and from the center of the cut to the fingertip. The transition between normal feeling and no feeling is the same as when your arm or leg is asleep, a bit tingling and weird sensitivity.

Here is a list of a few things that are odd to do when you lack feeling in half your finger:

  • When cutting your nails you can’t tell if it’s the nail or the finger itself you’re cutting!
  • Move a wet finger over a surface which is usually not slippery and the low friction surprises you as you can’t feel that the finger is wet.
  • Move a dry finger over something cold and the finger feels slippery where you cannot feel the cold.
  • When scratching your eye coordination is a bit off as you can’t feel where you are scratching with the finger, you notice when you poke your eye though.
  • Press hard on any button and you can’t feel on the skin how hard you are pushing it.
  • Gripping something heavy between the thumb and that finger and it feels like you only have a good grip with the thumb as you can’t feel the friction on the finger.
  • Putting a CD on the finger is an odd sensation. It feels like it should fall off because you can only feel it resting on one side of the finger, even though you see it resting on both!
  • When removing a piece of tape from the finger where some parts of the skin cannot feel anything the sensation is that those parts of the skin peeled off with the tape! Even more so if you are not watching it.

Below is a video which includes footage of my poor fingers from shortly after I slipped with the knife to just a few days ago. Beware though, if you did not like the images in the previous post linked in the beginning, you wont like the video. It contains blood and open wounds, so if that does not suit you, do not click play!

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  1. Kevin says:

    On Jan 16 I had a partial amputation to my left hand index finger from a table saw. I cut my finger about a 1/4″ above my last joint and it went through everything including the bone, nerves, blood vessels etc. I also cut across the finger pad of my middle finger but that was minor compared to the Index finger and it only required 6 stitches. My index finger required 16 stitches and they also put a pin through the very tip of my finger until it hit the bone then screwed it in to the existing bone I had left after the last joint. Luckily my attached finger took and did not turn black! So I’m happy about that. Three weeks later and I am able to slightly bend my joint and getting better everyday. I believe the tendon ends at your last joint so I did not cut through it luckily. I have cut my hands requiring stitches lots before and broken bones but this brought me to a whole new realm of pain. The first 2.5 weeks was brutal pain but now it has gone down in pain by probably 75% in the last few days. It blew the top portion on my bone apart so my finger is not going to be hard like a normal finger and its 1/8th shorter because of the saw blade! For people trying to sleep, I found take a Advil sleep aid helped immensely in having a decent sleep just make sure to ask doctor if it affects prescriptions at all. Good luck all I know what you’re going through! It sucks but it could always be worse!

  2. Vicki says:

    Hello everyone! My dad recently lost a fight with lawnmower so he lost the very tip of his finger on his ring finger. It’s only about half of the joint and the bone was cut as well as muscles, nerves and he lost half of the finger nail on that finger. The doctor was able to save the joint and he has several stitches. Right now he is feeling a numbness and a tingling feeling as well as intense pressure and tightness. To him it feels like he just put his finger in snow. Anyone have any insight on this?

  3. Dobromir says:

    Oh boy. 3 months ago I cut my middle fingertip of left hand. The area under the skin is still hard and hurts when there is unusual presure there. :( And I have the exact same problems with the sesitivity. Hope your fingers healed, adn I wish my heals too :)

  4. Alexa Lee says:

    Hello! I know this post was a long time ago. Hoping you could still answer my question. We also have the same cut on your index finger. I cut myself with a knife last May 5. I had 3 stitched and it was removed 6 days later. I barely feel the pain anymore but it really feels tender and swollen around my cut. It is so tender that it feels kinda numb already especially when I straighten my finger. I can’t seem to feel the nail cutter when i tried cutting my nails. I went to doctor and told her about this but she doesn’t seem so concern. Is it the same for you before? It’s been 10 days since I had the minor accident and I am really worried that it wont really go away.

  5. I recognize this yes, I think I had the same or similar sensation when cutting nails. I could not grip things without risking jolts of pain on my scars for a couple of months. I had zero sensory input for the sides of my fingers where the cut had been, but it has gradually come back over the years.

    Fingers are still partially numb, but at least there is some sense of touch across my whole fingers. Scars can still cause jolts of pain if pressure is put on specific places, it has to be when gripping and pulling something solid and narrow though, like a metal cable or a slim door handle. In the beginning it was enough to grab cutlery to trigger it though.

    My doctor told me nerves can grow back 1-2 mm per year, so depending on the damage it can literally take years to get any kind of improvement. 10 days is a short time in regards to this, sadly, and there’s not much to do about it I’ve been told. So, hope for the best and see what happens! For me it’s now just how life is, as with so many other things.

    During the healing process I experienced a bunch of things you might also bump into. Like disassociation of the limbs in question due to lack of touch, sensory mismatch where hot / cold / pressure can get mixed up. I even at one point had my brain choosing my damaged hand as being correct so my warm/cold sense on my other hand was temporarily reversed, that was weird.

  6. Alexa Lee says:

    Thank you for the answer! But can you straighten your index figer without problem after the accident? I can move my finger but it feels like something’s stretching inside my cut whenever I straighten my finger. And it really feels tender and swollen. But it’s not red and there’s no pain so it doesnt seem infection.

  7. I was super lucky to not cut any tendons at all so I have full mobility of my fingers. People I’ve talked to that actually did sever a tendon has showed me that they even years later could not fully move their finger. In the beginning of my healing process I had more problems bending my fingers than straightening them, but everything was tender and felt weird, of course.

    Everyone’s experience is of course personal and it probably depends on where your cut was and the characteristics of it how it feels to move your finger, especially in the beginning.

  8. John says:

    Hi andreas.i was just wondering about swelling and how long it took for it to go down.its now two weeks since I had my stitches out and my finger is still swollen

  9. @John Sorry for not getting back to you quicker, I just got back from a holiday.

    I actually cannot remember my fingers being very swollen at all, but my guess is that it would depend on the type of injury too. I can only refer to my own experience as I’m not a doctor or anything, and my experience is more than a decade old at this point ?

    In any case, if you are worried, definitely call a healthcare hotline if you have one available. Here in Sweden we have a free number we can call to ask for advice, and if not that, ask your doctor what they think.

  10. John Zylstra says:

    I’m glad I found this blog. Thanks Andreas. Yeah, I was trying to fix the choke on my lawn mower when I inadvertantly put my finger under mower to lift while running…Dumb…right. Anyway I lacerated the tip of my middle finger. Had 7 stitches in emergency room and has been about 6 weeks. Tip looks surprisingly well but is very sensiitive and numb to the touch. Last night for the first time I had a few jolts of pain that lasted for about half a minute. But from reading here I can see I’m probably in for the long haul like most here. I was reading prior to here you could have an operation to restore nerve but I’m thinking that is out of the question as I don’t want to go through that again. But feeling better as it looks like something I can live with and..heh…I still have my finger. Have a nice day all.

  11. Lisa says:

    I was wondering if anyone who has cut there finger has had it turn ice cold on and off. I cut my finger about 4 months ago with electric hedge trimmers and went to hospital and they said it was going to be fine and put 4 stitches in. I told them it was very cold and numb and I was getting the electric shock through my finger and my hand. They said it was normal. 4 months later it will get so cold it actually hurts but then 10 minutes of me warming it up it’s better. It’s still numb and tingly and when I wave I get the electric shock in my hand. I have tried to find out why it gets cold but can’t seem to find much on that.

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