Finger Healing Process

A bit more than a month ago I cut my fingers, pretty deep, so now I lack feeling right above the cuts and from the center of the cut to the fingertip. The transition between normal feeling and no feeling is the same as when your arm or leg is asleep, a bit tingling and weird sensitivity.

Here is a list of a few things that are odd to do when you lack feeling in half your finger:

  • When cutting your nails you can’t tell if it’s the nail or the finger itself you’re cutting!
  • Move a wet finger over a surface which is usually not slippery and the low friction surprises you as you can’t feel that the finger is wet.
  • Move a dry finger over something cold and the finger feels slippery where you cannot feel the cold.
  • When scratching your eye coordination is a bit off as you can’t feel where you are scratching with the finger, you notice when you poke your eye though.
  • Press hard on any button and you can’t feel on the skin how hard you are pushing it.
  • Gripping something heavy between the thumb and that finger and it feels like you only have a good grip with the thumb as you can’t feel the friction on the finger.
  • Putting a CD on the finger is an odd sensation. It feels like it should fall off because you can only feel it resting on one side of the finger, even though you see it resting on both!
  • When removing a piece of tape from the finger where some parts of the skin cannot feel anything the sensation is that those parts of the skin peeled off with the tape! Even more so if you are not watching it.

Below is a video which includes footage of my poor fingers from shortly after I slipped with the knife to just a few days ago. Beware though, if you did not like the images in the previous post linked in the beginning, you wont like the video. It contains blood and open wounds, so if that does not suit you, do not click play!

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Professional app- & web-developer. Spare time multimedia experimenter, VR-enthusiast, motorcyclist. In Sweden.
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  1. Marie says:

    They should post that with a warning on boxes of new knives. I just cut my index finger almost two weeks ago. They removed the stitches, and then glued it shut again. I cut a flap, across rather than down, like yours. I’ve taken enough Advil to be considered in danger of becoming an addict! They say it will take a month to heal. I’m glad you posted your video. Although it made my nauseous, and caused me to flinch, I was happy to see that your skin (and mine) will look well again. I hope you will get feeling back in your finger. That really sucks. A good neurologist/physical therapist combo might help you get near that goal. God bless!

  2. Thank you for your concern! It was my initial fear as well that I would be left with some kind of horrible, deep scars on my fingers, but now they are hardly visible in dim light. As for nerve damage, the doctors said it could take 6 months two 2 years for them to heal, or if I am unlucky, they will never be healed. Currently I am quite used to how my fingers feel, but the areas around the cuts are still extra sensitive as the cut nerves causes jolts. Accept my well wishing for your own healing process, both physical and mental.

  3. Pons Taduran says:

    Hi Andreas! Thanks for your finger cut video, nicely done and helpful. About 2 months ago I had a table saw accident and cut the middle 3 fingers of my right hand, about 1/3 deep across (luckily I did not cut them al the way, thanks God!). The fingers are all healed now but my problem is the numbness of my fingers above the the cut area. I must have cut the nerve opn the right sides of the fingers.

    My question is how are your fingers feeling now? Did you have the same numbness feelings? Is it back to normal now or do you still have the same problem? If it is well now, how long did it take to return to normal feeling? Thanks/eufronio

  4. Hello Pons! Sorry to hear about your fingers, good thing you did not cut them off entirely! Tendons ok? People told me that it would have been so much worst if I had cut my tendons, gives me shivers down my spine when I think about it.

    As for my fingers, I have actually planned to make a followup post about my accident at the one year anniversary, in October, but for you I will describe the current state of my fingers right here!

    Both my fingers are still numb, from the cuts all the way to the tip. Maybe a little less numb than before, but not so much different.

    I still get jolts of pain if I get pressure directly on the cut scars, mostly when I grab thin metal things like cutlery and handles. It causes me to flinch, but it is only there as long as the pressure is.

    The doctor told me that nerve damage could heal in a year or two, or never. As I have not experienced any real improvement in almost a year I am suspecting my fingers will stay like this for a long time, which is something I have come to terms with.

  5. Pons Taduran says:

    Hello Andreas! Thanks for your reply. I guess, just like you, I should be ready to “come to terms with” for the eventuality that my fingers will not go back to normal again, or maybe just pray that they get healed even if it takes a year or two. I wish both of us luck!

  6. Thank you! Actually praying is probably a good idea, even if we have awesome physical bodies they cannot heal everything on their own! Cheers :)

  7. eirn arko says:

    i cut my left index finger on a band saw at school. thank god it didn’t hit the bone but i still had to get stitch. it sucks cause it senior year and i cant catch a basketball yet. i tried to practice but pulled a stitch. i can relate to not having feeling in your finger. nice video.

  8. Pulling stitches hurts quite a lot! At least it did for me! Or perhaps it was the skin breaking open or something… in any case, I hope you healed alright :)

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  10. Usman Waheed says:

    i cut my fingers about 6 months ago. some parts including half of the nails were removed. i got stitched the wounds and removed them after 15 days. But fingers were not healing after that. I got operated my middle finger and they found some stitches left inside. after removing that middle finger healed but wound of index finger is still open and not healing. is there any other treatment rather than operating that one too?? Please help me. m looking forward for a response.. thanks

  11. Ouch, that sounds way worse than my injury actually :( I just had to do stitches, and it worked well enough so that I didn’t have to do anything after that. If the finger has stopped healing and there is still an open wound I think what they do is cut a little away so you get an active area that can heal again, which should close the wound. I haven’t heard of any other way of doing it, but then again I’m not a medical professional, not even a hobbyist. If you really want to know you do have to see a professional about this. Here in Sweden we have a medical hotline we can call that is free of charge, you have nothing like that?

  12. Hi all,cut my finger with a ceramic bowl that broke and had three stitches on the finger.I know that it has been a very short while but its four days since the accident(stitches still in)and only when i touch the area of the stitches it makes me jolt up,when i release no pain is that normal?Have to go to remove stitches in 2 days time.

  13. Kristen Bjork Boidreau says:

    I cut the tip of my thumb about 7 ish months ago. I needed 6 stitches. Immediately after the cut, I could barely feel the tip of my thumb. Now, it is either numb feeling or so extra sensitive and driving me insane. Sometimes it hurts to even type a message.
    It is very annoying and I thought it would be back to normal now.

  14. Sorry for not getting back to you Glenn. For me that pain was just like you describe for perhaps 1-2 months? It was a while ago now so I cannot really remember. I do know I felt like it was never going to get better, but now I have not experienced a jolt in years.

    Kristen, cutting nerves is a scary thing. Doctors told me they can grow back at 1-2 mm per… year, if I remember that correctly, and then they’d have to find the right nerve to join up with as well. It could take months if not years for it to get any better, and some people may experience little to no improvement if their injury is bad enough; like chopping half or your entire your finger off. I personally know several people that have done that, not too odd as I have worked in both metal and wood industries at times, and they take pain relievers or even implant electrodes to remove nerve pain. Serious stuff.

    As for nerves getting confused, now six years later I have experienced something else than my left fingers being overly sensitive at the scars, which is that my right fingers get more sensitive at the tips because my left fingers have lost some there. And sometimes cold/heat is reversed now in my right fingers instead of the left. So apparently my brain is confused which hand is actually giving off the correct signals, fascinating and kind of weird :P

  15. brian says:

    Hi all -got my little finger crushed in a automatic closing door – which resulted in me needing 9 stitches – found out also its fractured – this was only last week – the pain hasn’t stopped since – lack of sleep due to it isn’t great – I have very strong painkillers from my dr as well!

    how long does the intense pain last for? im also getting pins and needles in the finger

  16. Ouch, that sounds painful, Brian! :( Nine stitches are quite a lot indeed. I had a week or two of constant pain and I also took pain killers. After that it took me several months before I could actually use my fingers without getting jolts of pain.

    The pins and needles stayed with me for several years, and is still present but to a lesser degree, and that as many of the other issues stem from the cut nerves in your fingers. It’s something you’ll have to learn coping with as it will probably be around for a while. I wish you the best recovery possible!

  17. Brian says:

    thanks Andreas, im on my nearly 3rd week now – its more sore and I have jolts of pain now, rather than continued pain, pins and needles is pretty much constant as well. Working in IT its tricky – although I can type one-handed im not as quick with one hand! somehow ive managed to figure a way on still playing on the xbox one lol

  18. Kim says:

    I had my finger crushed in a drain about 30 years ago, had surgery and stitches and felt tingling and strange numb sensation for a number of years after operation. It has never really grown properly and has a strange misshaped nail that causes the skin to thicken under the nail and it can hurt as it gets thicker and i need to tweezer it out – sometimes a little accident to a finger can be a lifelong pain!!!

  19. You know before I hurt myself I didn’t think much of it, but after this I’ve bumped into people who’s lost fingers, cut them off, crushed them, etc. It can result in life-long phantom pains and stuff, I was really lucky to not cut a tendon and have the nerve damage mostly being on the outside of my fingers. But yeah, hand trauma, it’s serious business, then again our hands are probably one of our main sensory touch areas :P

  20. Rob says:

    Hi Andreas , i watched your video and your cut in the middle finger it is so similar to mine that is crazy. Is been 6 weeks now and the part of the cut all the way to the fingertip is numb. I am thinking to get surgery cause i play guitar and it is annoying when i play with no pic. Cause your cut was just like mine , my question is what is the situation of your fingers now as far as sensibility goes, are they still numb or did you notice some improvement over the years. Thank you Andreas looking forward to your response

  21. Hello Rob! Sorry to hear about your accident :( Over the years for me the numbness has gone down considerably, it’s still partially there, but perhaps only a third or quarter of how bad it was right after my incident.

    Around my scars it’s still fairly confused and sensitive, but nowadays I don’t think much about the damage unless it’s the current topic. I was really lucky to get my numbness on parts of my fingers not usually in contact with a computer keyboard, the tool of my trade, had it been the reverse I’m not sure how well I had coped.

    The numbness and confused sensory function is caused by cut nerves, the doctor told me nerves can grow back at about 1-2 mm a year, which is why some improvement can happen, but as my doctor also told me after a couple of years I shouldn’t expect much more improvement.

    Hoping you get a satisfactory recovery! I have no idea if nerves can be fixed by additional surgery, you might have already looked into that, I just figured it impossible and honestly I don’t want my fingers cut open again!

  22. Roberto Ciongoli says:

    Hi Andreas thanks for taking your time to respond to me.
    Today i went to make an appointment to see a hand surgeon and i hope they will get back to me asap. Is been 2 months now and i did notice some improvements and your words game me some hope. My main issue though is that i lost sensibility on half of my fingertip. I don’t mind the numbness if it would be just where the cut is cause i don’t really use the side of my finger when i play guitar but my fingertip i do need it just like for you when you use your computer. Did the same happen to you at first? did part of your fingertip were numb? And also when i stroke my finger where the cut is i can feel like an electric feeling from the cut all the way to the fingertip, like a zinging feeling if you know what i mean. Did you felt the same?
    Thanks a lot man i appreciate you put this blog on.

  23. I recognize the electric shock feeling a lot. In the beginning I used to get that all the time when gripping thin metal objects that would push on the scar, like some door handles and normal cutlery. Quite painful and annoying but it got better after some months. I used to be able to push on the scar myself to get jolts of pain, but trying now it seems pretty fine actually, to my surprise. It’s still unpleasant but it’s more like if the finger was asleep.

    In the beginning I was also devoid of any kind kind of sensing for half of my finger(s) from the scar to the tip. Now, six years later, I got the sense of touch back but the affected side(s) still feels like it’s asleep. I think it’s manageable though, as it’s not painful and I don’t really think about it except at occasions like this when it is the subject of conversation :)

    I cannot really remember now how long time it took, it has probably been a gradual improvement over the years so yeah, it just takes time. Hopefully you’ll see the improvements you want!

  24. Rob says:

    When you say the affected side, you mean just where the cut was , feels like asleep right? is that what you mean? or part of the fingertip too?

  25. Sorry for not replying sooner, my notifications had begun to get sorted as spam for some reason, just randomly checked in that folder now!

    My cuts were pretty much to the bone for about half my finger, so my nerve damage is felt for one side of the finger, or at least that is how I tend to describe it. And I do mean from the wound all the way to the tip of my finger, following the path of the damaged nerves.

  26. Samson says:

    Hi Andreas, Merry Christmas to you! It’s a good thing I’ve found this website. In my case, I have cut my three fingers on my right hand from the middle to the small finger. After the healing process, it didn’t go back to normal. Now, it’s been like this for 4 years now. It might be you know some ways, I could do to put this back to normal. I am having the option of going under surgery cause I think the nerves were pretty damaged and the bone becomes smaller too. I still memorize the keyboard though. :) I just can’t easily fold it when typing. Looking forward for your response.

  27. Hello Samson! Merry Christmas indeed :)

    Hmm, I think that after four years it is probably hard to expect things to change much :/ That’s what I was told by my doctor anyway, that the most healing happens the first two years… if I remember that correctly, it’s six years ago now so my memory might be failing me. If it’s really troublesome surgery might not be out of the question, but honestly I have not studied that as I don’t suffer much anymore :/ I have other things that distract me more, heh.

    I know one lady I met who had lost a whole finger, and she was constantly on pain killers even years after the accident. A man I know who crushed his finger eventually had to install an electrode in his back to get rid of his nerve pain. So yeah, it seems as if you can have random success with having the nerve damage correct itself. I probably can’t recommend anything else than to consult a doctor :| sorry. There’s no easy fixes it seems, all I did was wait it out.

  28. wilfrid says:

    A glass broke up and ended up at the base of my left middle finger around 3 weeks ago. The glass was not very sharp, but heavy probably causing nerve damage when it fell on my finger. After a small operation the following day, i ve had a cast which was removed 2 days ago, leaving me with numbness on the right side of the finger and a bit of occasional pain at different places. but to be fair, pain has never been the issue here even just after the accident: The problem for me is the loss of sensation and the stiffness of the finger. I can stretch and fold my injured finger to the same extent as the one from the other hand with minimum pain but it requires efforts to do so. There is no other alternative than wait.

  29. Hello Wilfred, ouch!

    Did you actually cut a tendon? I was super lucky and did not have that happen, but was really close as it would appear. From people I’ve talked to who’ve actually done that, they had to pull the tendon out from the arm and re-attach it, as it kind of snapped back. If you had to have surgery I imagine it could have been something like that, in my case they just stitched me up and sent me home, some bandages but no cast.

    The effort might also be because your muscles have degenerated, I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’ve heard this from other people who has experienced it. You can apparently lose muscle mass very quickly with a cast on.

    As for nerve damage, I guess you might have read some of the other comments on here, and yes waiting seems to be one of the only alternatives :P If pain becomes a real issue, there are solutions for that, but numbness is probably just something you can hope gets better. I still have some numbness left, even seven years later, but it has definitely improved :)

  30. Wendy says:

    I cut the front of my right index finger, between the top and second knuckle while cleaning a knife. It was a straight cut, about 1/2 inch long and 1/8 inch deep. After cleaning the wound and pressing it to stop the bleeding, I bandaged it up and was careful about not hitting it or getting it wet. I changed the bandages every day and now a week later there is a solid scar on the top that is not bleeding at all. But, my finger feels weird, numb and tingling in strange places. I never went to the doctor because I didn’t think it was that bad, but now I’m worried that I may have developed gangrene. I don’t know what the symptoms are, but I’ve checked other websites and am wondering how concerned I should be. Any suggestions?

  31. Tingling and numbness probably means you severed nerves in your finger, it can take years to get better and might never be completely restored, there’s a lot of discussion about this in the comments here. Hands in general are pretty dense with nerves, if I remember that correctly.

    Regarding gangrene, nothing good can come out of that, I am not a doctor and will not tell you what to do, but if you worry about something you better get it checked by a professional. Again the feelings you mention rhymes well with cut nerves, but if you have discoloration or similar… I would not take any chances there.

    Hopefully things will work out, I wish for your speedy recovery :)

  32. Wendy says:

    Thank you Andreas for your speedy reply! You are so kind to respond to everyone’s concerns, especially so many years after your initial accident. After reading the comments again for the second time, I see there are plenty of clumsy people out there who should stay away from knives, lol. Prior to finding your blog, I had spent many hours scouring the internet regarding gangrene, and several websites mentioned “extreme pain followed by numbness and tingling.” Well, that’s exactly what happened to me so that’s what got me so worried. Right after cutting my finger, just touching the area sent a spasm of very intense pain, but now there is just tingling and numbness. I think I just needed some extra reassurance, as I got myself worked up into a stage of such fright. As far as color, well, I can’t say it looks just like the other finger – it seems more swollen, although at first it seemed greenish, bluish under the bandage as if it were bruised but that has resolved. If I lightly scratch the skin around the cut, it is sensitive but not painful, so I guess it’s not dead or I would feel nothing. Because my cut was on the top of my finger and not underneath, my only issue will be whether the scar tissue will prevent me from closing that finger all the way. If not, I can live with it. Thanks again for your help and your blog!

  33. I cut the tip of my left thumb off in art school and had it sewed back on. That was 23 years ago and still, I ALWAYS know when it’s going to rain or snow. My thumb throbs like mad when the air pressure changes in the atmosphere.

    It’s strange that my thumb still throbs, considering nine years ago a spinal cord injury left this thumb numb and my entire left hand with motor and sensory nerve damage.

    It’s so true what you said about pressing buttons. Sometimes I forget this hand is “mentally challenged” (that’s seriously what it feels like; no joke, and no pejorative use of “mentally challenged”) and I’ll try to pick something up. OUCH! When I push on the pad of my thumb I get the strangest sensation. Spinal injuries create a plethora of strange sensations to begin with, but I think the fact that I cut the tip off makes matters worse.

    By the way, the plastic surgeon who worked on me at the hospital said that every week at least two art students cut their fingers using either razor blades or exacto knives.

    I’ll tell you one thing–I never cut a mat using a razor blade and a t-square again! Mat cutter all the way after that incident! ;)

    Be will, Andrea.
    Here’s hoping you make a swift recovery!

  34. Brian says:

    well quite few months since I done the injury to myself on my little finger. my original post was in July last year – its healed now and Im able to work and game again – from the nail side it looks like no damage but underneath you can see its deformed.
    I guess I was lucky that it didn’t damage my nail – at times it still gets sore and on a cold day or if I go swimming its ultra sensitive – im hoping a few years down the line it will not be so sensitive.

    I hope everyone that has had a finger or thumb injury recovers well – its so painful :(

  35. Maggie says:

    I’m so glad I found this post! Around 3 months ago I cut my left index finger. It was a partial amputation about half an inch above the base of my finger. I had surgery a couple hours later. I had completely severed my nerves, tendons, arteries, veins, and partially severed my bone. It’s been three months and my finger is doing well, all things considered. I still have no feeling in my finger whatsoever. My doctor believes that I might recover some feeling but he’s not confident. I’ve been going to physical therapy and have recovered some motion back to my finger, although it is not 100%. I feel more hopeful about a recovery down the road thanks to this post. Even if I don’t regain feeling, at least I have my finger!

  36. Ouch, that sounds scary, Maggie :( I was told that nerves would grow back with 1-2mm per year, not what I have gotten ads about “an inch in a month with vitamin B!” which in contrast sounds insane.

    As you probably have read things improved slowly for me, and some senses got mixed up but I think rewiring is something the brain can do to adapt. At one point I had warm/cold reversed, but again the brain can probably re-learn which nerves do what, to some degree. I saw some video recently about how plastic our brains are so it sounds plausible :)

    You at least got to keep the finger and it seems possible to move, hopefully it’ll heal satisfactory, but yeah it will take years!

  37. tony cabrera says:

    hello, I cut 1 of my fingers about half way down my finger nail completey off ,it is almost 100% healed.My question is how long does it take to recover full use of my finger.I do strechings a couple of times a day and it has gotton better it just seems that when my finger get cold it have to start all over.

  38. Be f says:

    I cut my right pinky while bartending, a pint glass cracked as I went to catch it. I was rushed to the hospital, doctor told me I almost hit an artery. They stitched me up,the guy stitching ripped my skin so he went in deeper. After ten days of the accident I go back to get them removed to come to find out the idiot who stitched me, stitched a nerve. Now, I can’t feel anything from my pinky down to my wrist. I don’t know what to do. My mother suggests I sue them! Any suggestions? :(

  39. Tony, depending on the damage you might never get full use of your finger again, you’ll notice in a couple of years how it goes. If it’s nerve damage it’s a slow process, if you cut a tendon I know someone at church who still has a stiff finger many years later.

    Be, glass is scary, I worked in a glass shop one summer, I’ve never cut myself more often than that month :P I don’t really know what it means to stitch a nerve, did it get stuck in the stitching? And it affected things all the way down to the wrist? I have to say that sounds very odd to me, it’s outside of what I’ve heard from people so far.

    As for legal advice, I’m far from a lawyer and probably not in the same country, so I can’t really help, sorry. I’d suggest speaking with people around you to see if they know anyone who has been in a similar situation, or perhaps look up legal advice from an actual lawyer. Good luck with that :/

  40. Jaide says:

    Ive just sliced my thumn on a stanley knife on tuesday i passed out twice because i paniced so much thinking id cut my thumb off its pretty deep i got stitches and a bandage put round it but i find that i keep nocking it and getting a weird tingly sensation and its making me worry that something is not right i told the nurse i couldnt feel the side of my thumb so she scratched it with her nail and boy did i feel it the pain was unbearable i almost punched her in the face, having this bandage on is not ideal for me with work and things and hoping it heals quickly :((

  41. Ouch! If you read up on the other comments here you’ll probably find many answers to questions you might get, about tingling and never damage.

    Good you didn’t punch the nurse :P for me they poked my wound to see if the anaesthetics were active, which did to some resistance I had informed about it wasn’t, so I screamed in pain instead :) I was far from punching someone though, just wanted my finger fixed ;)

    I wish you a hasty recovery with few complications!

  42. Raul says:

    Hello! I amputated my right thumb in half about 2 & a half weeks ago while cutting some meat. I received 4 stiches but now the stiches have been taken off and the other half of my nail is still there! I try to remove it but its attached to bottom layer of my nail (reddish) I’m a bit concerned because of possible infection. Im also in question if a new half nail will grow and push the old half out? My stiches were taken off 3 days ago so do I wait a bit longer to see if it’ll heal? The cut is a bit below my nail by the way!

  43. This sounds very complex! You actually cut off half of your thumb and they reattached it?! In any case you should probably make a call back to the hospital where you were treated and ask them for advice. In my case my only experience is from cutting myself, not an actual amputation, and I’m not in the medical field so I have no knowledge outside of that :/ Someone else who bumps into this post might be able to answer your question, but again if I were you I would call the hospital/clinic and maybe even the doctor who performed on you. That, or look up your closest clinic and have them look at it. Good luck, and I hope it heals the best it can :)

  44. Carol says:

    I cut my index and middle fingers with an electric hedge trimmer 3 weeks ago. I received 17 stitches, which were removed 3 days ago. My fingers are very swollen, discolored and since the wounds didn’t exactly heal, they seep. The doctor told me to use the fingers –to move them but that appears to be making the gaps in the wound bigger. Ok I am never going to be a hand model. I can live with a massively hideous scar but the feeling! I can’t get use to how it feels. I can’t pick anything up with that hand or hold on to it. They are numb and uber sensitive at the same time and I can’t straighten them. At least after reading your blog I know now that this is normal and my fingers aren’t going to fall off.

  45. Mira says:

    Hi Andreas, thanks for sharing your experience, though I have to admit I cannot bring myself to watch the video.

    I just stupidly cut my pinky finger just under the top joint slicing open a batard and was wondering if the electric shock sensation during the cut means that I probably cut deep enough to cut a nerve :\ At the moment the finger itself feels fine and definitely not numb (I have it bandaged but it feels normal when i touch it), just a little sensitive.

    The cut itself isn’t huge, probably about 1cm but when I was inspecting it it looked pretty deep, though i’ll see how it is when i open the bandage later whether I should get it checked out by a doctor/get it stitched.

  46. Debbie Thompson says:

    I got shot in the hand 2 1/2 weeks ago and lost my thumb, finger next to it and a bit of my hand. I have extreme phantom pain. I have been in constant pain since. I don’t know how much more I can take. My doctors won’t give me anything for pain. I know pain pill addiction is a hazard but what am I to do?

  47. shan says:

    Just cut my index finger with a knife about two weeks ago.they removed the stitches today now it rapped. They say it won’t heal for months . was looking ideas to sleep when I found this blogg.very informative. Any ideas how to sleep please.

  48. Zubby says:

    Hi had a laceration of my ring finger on my left hand. I have been hearing of knife cuts but mine was actually very freaky. I was doing the clean up in my backyard brushing up the floor decking when the metal rod attached the brush snapped and trapped my finger and sliced it from the middle it has this circular print looking at the scar now on both sides of my finger I was a little lucky cos just a side of the finger got really deep and needed stitches. It’s 1 month 2 weeks I still can’t feel anything on the tip of my finger and the scar is still tender but the one that drives me nut is the feeling I still get from the swelling that is just below the scar I think that was the point of first impact any sudden touch makes me jolt mad electrifying sensation don’t know how long I can withstand this it’s really not a good experience.

  49. Chris says:

    Hi Andrea! About 2 weeks ago i had cut my finger on glass. It was a large solid piece that went deep enough in the middle joint on my ring finger to leave it bleeding through a bandage for 2 days. Since then, my cut has almost healed completely. My finger has not bent from the middle joint to the tip since! It feels very tense with a slight pain when I bend it down like it should. I can bend the bottom joint fine with a very very slight pain and I can stretch the bottom of the top joint out or straight but never down. This leads me to believe it’s a partial cut but i’m still not sure.

  50. It’s nuts how comments keep piling up here, but I guess there is no stop to injurys! I should probably collect most of what has been asked and said here and make some kind of FAQ, but that’s really something medical institutions should be doing and not me.

    @Carol I recognise what you write about discolouration and loose skin, my fingers were mostly very pink around the scars and for quite some time I had skin peeling off the area. For me, even if I didn’t cut a tendon my fingers were stiff and very sensitive for months if not years. I can still get jolts of pain if I get pressure straight on the scars, even eight years later.

    @Mira The electric sensation sounds like what I have experienced. It could be that you cut some nerve, but not the one for touch, maybe for warm/cold? I’m not sure which kinds there are, actually, but I know since healing up that my fingers can confuse hot and cold still.

    @Debbie Ouch, that sounds horrible :( I know people who have lots fingers in industrial accidents. For one of them, she is constantly on pills to reduce the pain, even if she is all healed up. For another, he eventually had an electrical device implanted that would reduce his phantom pain. I don’t know much about the procedure but apparently it was effective.

    @Shan I’m a bad person to ask for sleep advice :) If I have issues with it I am mostly awake until I’m exhausted enough to pretty much not being able to stay awake. When it comes to managing pain, pain killers might be the best option to get some sleep, otherwise it’s mostly up to bandage it enough so it’s hard to bump it enough to wake up, perhaps sleep in such a position that it’s hard to move?

    @Zubby That’s quite the scary event! The electrical sensation rhymes well with my own experience. I could not grab door handles, mugs or cutlery without getting a jolt of pain, and this for months and months. It was probably half a year before I could relax when grabbing things. It’s a while ago now so I might remember it wrong, I’ve probably written about it somewhere above. That said, even know I occasionally put pressure on the wrong place and get a very deep pain sensation that last a while after removing pressure.

    @Chris I’m not a physicist or anything, but googling finger tendons it looks awfully complex. When I cut my myself I had full mobility in my fingers even before I had any stitches in, this makes me suspect you might have cut a tendon, I have a hard time imagining anything else would stop you from moving your finger. Maybe it could also be a muscle or nerve, I don’t really know if that could be the case. You will definitely have to talk to a doctor or nurse to get a correct answer and treatment.

    Good luck on healing, all of you. Injury to hands and fingers is inconvenient and for me at least kind of traumatic. It’s hard to put out of one’s mind because we seldom stop using our hands. It is also a point of very high sensitivity on the body, which I think is one of the reasons why it affects us so much. I wish a speedy recovery and as few issues as possible!

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