Epic Camping Internet Sharing

Since I was camping with my parents last year I had planned to get something to make accessing the internet a bit more comfortable. Previously I brought with me a switch and a bunch of RJ45 cables, and then we shared a 3G Internet connection through my father’s computer. This meant his laptop had to be on if more than one person wanted to surf the net simultaneously, or else we could just pass along the USB modem.

Yesterday I was in town to pick up a camcorder (!!) I had ordered, and at the same time I bought myself a D-link DIR-635 wireless router for cheap. I had read that with the latest firmware this router could get online using a USB 3G modem connected to it, as it has a USB port, which sounded like a perfect solution for effortless camping Internet sharing!

It took me and a friend two and a half hours to figure out how to set it up properly! A very important detail, which my younger brother told me to try when he got home from work about an hour into our suffering, is that you have to remove the PIN code from the SIM card or else it will not work at all! I never thought of that, as I myself do not subscribe to a mobile Internet connection, and in all honesty I was hardly aware that the modem contained a SIM card in the first place! :P I totally blame the hot weather making my head really slow and mushy!

Here below are the settings and gear that worked for us, in case someone out there is trying to set this up themselves, with these exact pieces of hardware and operator! Right.

Router: D-Link DIR-635
Modem: HUAWEI E220
Operator: 3 (Tre)
Country: Sweden

Username: tre
Password: tre
Dial Number: *99#
Authentication Protocol: CHAP only
APN: bredband.tre.se

Other settings were left at default values.

The Dial Number and APN was given to us by the support before telling us they did not sell that router themselves and thus do not support it. We found the Authentication protocol (if it matters) on a forum, and the login information we deducted from a predefined setting for 3 in the UK, where the username and password both were “three”, and finally we just tried using the Swedish words instead, and magically (after those 2½ hours) it worked! We hardly believed it ourselves!

Finally online! Holding the USB modem while it is connected to the router, accessing Google! At this point I was wasted.

Now when we turn on the router, it connects to the Internet via the USB 3G modem, and all machines connect to the router through WiFi. No cables to connect, no computer to boot (except the one you use), and you are not tethered to the switch! It will be awesome.

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  1. Frank Steven M. says:

    Lol..!! ver cool this is the same problem am facing Man thanks a lot i think it gonna help me… Let me Try.. see u around buddy I’ will give u a feed back…..!!!!!!!!!!!

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